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Hi, my name is Nicola Dickens and I was a 3-time cancer survivor battling my 4th fight for my life from cancer.  I went through cancer treatment the first 3 times without cannabis, because of the stigma surrounding cannabis it took me almost 5 years to understand what the medicinal properties are, and the best forms of ingesting cannabis to get the most relief.   I believed the Dr.’s and pharmaceutical companies held a much higher standard for human life, however, as I was researching my cancer history and treatment plans I found out Big Pharma created more customers than curing them. I then started researching cannabis, I ran across information scattered across the internet some good information, however, the amount of incorrect information was staggering.  

I started with the purpose of gathering this information in one easy convenient website as well as all my social media platforms, this is where I need your help.

Weed Reviews

Monday through Friday on YouTube

Sit down with Nicola Dickens and Arizona Dispensary’s Medications to learn what each product is and does to the body and how it affects me and my chronic pain levels so I can have a decent quality of life through each day without opioids.

Cooking with Cannabis

Nicola teaches how to make RSO oil and Edibles.  lean how to properly infuse your edibles inexpensively and great tasting.   

RSO Video Diary

RSO Video Diary is on YoTube

Nicola Dickens was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 bladder cancer in 2013 and since she had already done several rounds of chemo and a few rounds of radiation she decided not to go through it again and made peace with dying until she ran across “Running From the Cure” by Rick Simpson.  Nicola did 100 grams of RSO oil in 33 days and recorded it and posted it on Youtube to help others. 

In the hope that we can bring this oil up to even higher levels of purity and medical potency and by doing so, this should provide patients with serious medical conditions an even better chance to survive. After looking into this subject a bit more deeply, I learned that Shona Banda had been using bud to vaporize the cannabinoids off, which she had then collected and used as a medicine.  But I had been vaporizing high quality oils to vaporize the cannabinoids from, so I came to realize that this was probably why, the oil I had collected from my vaporizer, was so much more potent than any oils I had seen in the past.

Rick Simpson Running From the Cure

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About Nicola Dickens

Nicola is a cancer and cannabis Vlogger, living soil cultivator, writer, and advocate.

100% Organic

Here at FMC Farmz we use 100% organic living soil to produce our cannabis ensuring very low carcinogens and great tasting Flowers that will take your medication to the next level.  We don’t use any bottled ingredients in our grow everything is organic and safe for human consumption. 

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MMJ Reviews

[Marijuana] doesn’t have a high potential for abuse, and there are very legitimate medical applications. In fact, sometimes marijuana is the only thing that works.


Dr. Sanjay Gupta

“People say you can abuse marijuana. You can abuse cheeseburgers. Does that mean we should close Burger Kings.”


– Joe Rogan

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”


― Bob Marley

“Why is marijuana against the law. It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit … unnatural”


― Bill Hicks

Special Breeds for Cultivation

08 Sep 2017

Amnesia Lemon

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica  THC: 12% – 15%

With an exotic, earthy, and citrus fragrance, the strain is a perfect ingredient that can add flair to your life. The strain has been known to evoke an uplifting sensation and an energetic body buzz in the smoker which can not only relieve muscle tension but can also provide a complete body calm that is impossible to achieve otherwise. Amnesia Lemon was awarded the Sativa Cup in the year 2012, making it one of the top marijuana strains in the market.

08 Sep 2017

Critical Mass CBD 

Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 19% – 22%, CBD: 5%

Critical Mass has a mild 19-22% THC level and is often used to treat chronic pain from illnesses, such as cancer and multiple sclerosis, as well as anxiety and panic disorders. With a sweet and earthy smell and an herbal taste, Critical Mass is popular among new users and long-term users alike.  Smoking small amounts leads to feelings of creativity and euphoria, followed by laziness, couch-lock, and sleepiness. This strain would be ideal to smoke during a lazy afternoon where you want to relax, but still need to be functional.

Latest from the Blog

Tune in Monday through Friday between 10:00am and 11:00 am Arizona Time for the latest Medical Marijuana Review, Unboxing, Cooking with Cannabis, and Living Soil Cultivation!! 

Chiesel Concentrate Strain Review

Chiesel Concentrate Strain Review

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Blue Diamond Strain Review from Swell Dispensary

Blue Diamond Strain Review from Swell Dispensary

Some days I love my job and some days not so much but this has to be one of my better days.  Blue Diamond is a sativa dominate hybrid 45\55 her THC levels range from 16-20% with a CBD level of 1.0.  Blue Diamond have dense little buds filled with greens,...

Conspiracy Kush Official Strain Review

Conspiracy Kush Official Strain Review

Today I am reviewing Conspiracy Kush grown by @thenirannacenter.  The buds are greens, golds, marigold, and orange hairs, they are a medium dense bud, and she smells like sweet citrus fruity smell, reminds me of lemon pine sol.   My first hit from the...

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Cancer and cannabis

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