Some days I love my job and some days not so much but this has to be one of my better days.  Blue Diamond is a sativa dominate hybrid 45\55 her THC levels range from 16-20% with a CBD level of 1.0.  Blue Diamond have dense little buds filled with greens, gold, orange, and brown, when you pop the top on the bottle the pungent smells of earthy, sweet, fruity, and citrus aromas fill your nose. 

Blue Diamond has officially been added to the re-review list, of all the tasks I do everyday adding strains to the re-review list isn’t my favorite job, so why do I offer to re-review?  The answer… I re-review only when I feel that the carcinogens are high, which is something that isn’t tested for here in Arizona.  Carcinogens are impurities used in growing cannabis or really any plant, it’s these carcinogens that cause cancer and other illnesses.  Plant foods, that aren’t organic have much higher carcinogen counts, impurities added to the soil, and pesticides to name a few, if all these chemicals are added to the plant on a weekly basis, throughout the life span of the plant, the chemicals need to be flushed properly before harvesting otherwise the chemical taste will over power the taste of the flower this couldn’t be more true.

In this case, I placed the Blue Diamond Strain from Swell Dispensary, simply because the chemical taste really takes away from the over all flavor of the product, that being said I usually call the dispensary and let them know I did a review however, the review itself wasn’t great, I wasn’t able to get a good clean taste, I then setup a time to pick up another batch (preferably from a new grow) I again do the full review as if it’s the first time.  I’m not here to pick on anyone, I don’t want growers to feel that we patients feel that we are owed because we aren’t, I’m here to give truthful reviews, and help educate other patients on the different forms of Medical Marijuana. 

When I first started cannabis I was ignorant, I didn’t know what it would feel like to use cannabis? Is eating MMJ different in an edible than smoking it?  Can Cannabis kill me if I take to much?  Are doctors and hospitals going to treat me different because I use Cannabis?  I hit the internet, research was always something I was good at especially if I’m interested in the subject, my problem comes more into play with my OCD, I will obsess over finding the information and getting all published in one place.  The first year was really trial and error, getting into a rhythm posting on my blog, reviewing cannabis (in print, and video), and teaching simple infusion  techniques.  One review takes me 3 hours total time to do, getting dressed and cleaned up, makeup, hair, setup garden for video, clean smoking apparatus, pictures, record review, and then sit and write about how the strain makes me feel does it help or not?

Overall, Swell I believe doing a re-review on Blue Diamond would be the best thing to do at this point, as far as pain management I started out at an 8 this morning and now I’m at a 6, so I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to load another bowl and smoke it with a little shatter mixed in, if anything it should at least  help stop the vomiting this morning.