Chiesel’s descends from Big Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel, she is a 60\40 Sativa with an average THC rating of 15+ and 1.04 CBD.  Chiesel Hits pretty slow but steady giving you a burst of energy, I recommend this strain for earlier in the day to maximize the energy effect.  The first flavor that hits you is a harsh chemical diesel taste followed up with a strong earthy pepper after taste, a large hit of this beauty will knock the breath out of you, once you recover you will enjoy a creative buzz relaxing into a creative rhythm.  

Of all the effects I’ve had from different medication throughout my life, the negative effects here are far less scary than Big Pharma, you might experience dry mouth and eyes, Paranoia, anxious, and dizzy.  If you experience any of these or any worse you can always ingest some CBD but if your like me I can handle these side effects with the more common uplifted, happy, relaxed, euphoria, giggly, Hungary, and energetic effects commonly associated with being stoned.  Medicinally Chiesel helps treat things from cramps, headaches, stress, pain, depression, mood fluctuations and anxiety. 

Thank you Wickenburg Alternative Medicine as always you have an amazing product always great tasting, there is no wonder you are being voted one Arizona’s Best!!