Today I am reviewing Conspiracy Kush grown by @thenirannacenter.  The buds are greens, golds, marigold, and orange hairs, they are a medium dense bud, and she smells like sweet citrus fruity smell, reminds me of lemon pine sol.   My first hit from the wooden bong is pretty harsh, I try my best not to cough a lot when I’m smoking because it can trigger a gag reflex in myself causing me to go 1 to 2 days without eating solids, which is very unhealthy, I didn’t start having this issue until my first chemo treatment, after that it really messed me up for 20 years, my weight fluctuated 40 as much as 40 pounds a month and that is very unhealthy.  I started my review needing to elevate pain, cramping, stress, anxiety, and really just cushion my body crashing.  I woke up last Friday and told all of you I just didn’t feel well, well I crashed while I was standing at Shell almost collapsing and completely freaked the poor cashier out.  After the cashier put the water in my truck I turned to thank her and long story short she was a cancer survivor as well. 

The taste of this strain is a bit hard on the throat, and I personally wouldn’t recommend this strain if you have a sore throat.  The taste is an earthy sweet citrus flavor and would be really good in some cannahoney tea.  The effects are mild, relaxed, anti-nausea, some pain control, and euphoric, allowing me some time to relax, I try to take at least a 30 minute break for a little R & R each day allowing my body time to heal without over pushing myself.

This last weekend, I stumbled across an article that chronic pain patients are signing a suicide pact stating the government crackdown on opioids is seriously diminishing the quality of life for chronic pain patients, patients are putting up with the pain for as long as they can and choosing suicide as a means to an end.  As a chronically ill patient I understand these words better than most, I did try to commit suicide, I was unsuccessful thank God but I understand.  I have personally found RSO helps more than smoking cannabis for pain and I recommend all chronic pain patients start with a gram of RSO and adjust as needed, depending on how bad of a day it Is, I have taken up to 4 grams of RSO a day, and it helps without the dangers of over dosing.      

I know how expensive it is to make RSO from flower and when needing larger quantities because of pain, I’ve made it.  I challenge all dispensaries to sponsor a pain patient, a cancer patient, or a chronically ill patient, not only will you be helping someone in need but mostly you can save a life today and that’s why I do what I do.  Thank you so much @thenirvanacenter in Glendale Arizona the flower is amazing as always and I highly recommend if you haven’t checked them out you are really missing out!!!