9lb Hammer is an Indica Dominate Hybrid 80\20 it’s a cross between Goodberry, Hells OG, and Jack the Ripper.  She has a skunky woody sweet skunky flavor that relaxed me into a writing frenzy along with cleaning and eating so this is perfect for chronic pain, stress, depression, muscle spasms, and severe nausea allowing me to eat.  I ate my entire French Dip Sandwich, as I looked at my husband in amazement I actually said OMG I can’t believe I ate the whole thing, the best part is it stayed down!!  I know right, now that’s something to be yelling from the rooftops.

These Moon Rocks were made by Wickenburg Alternative Medicine or as otherwise known W.A.M.  Rolling 9lb Hammer flower in 9lb Hammer concentrate and then rolling it in the Keif from 9lb Hammer Flower, I know my mouth is watering again just typing this.  With all of this THC a few puffs will do and for a new user be careful concentrates and higher doses of THC can cause anxiety attachs.

This beautiful combination will hit you smack dab between the eyes leaving you in a happy creative euphoric fog, only giving you about an hour to create a masterpiece before snuggling up for the night.  Once this creative euphoria leaves you, you will feel a spark of arousal so smoking these alone is not recommended.  Alieving the pain to about a pain level of 4, relaxing the bladder spasms I still have to catheterize to urinate but it helps to relieve some of the spasms that make urinating so painful, also relieving some of the pain for intimacy.

I smoke concentrates mostly, so when smoking flower it’s not as effective adding the concentrate and kief really help me accomplish the things most people can do easily like cleaning the house, eating and keeping it down, and just plain and simply leaving the house.  Once my life was almost over I decided to fight, fight for life, health, and most of all the truth, cannabis has allowed me the opportunity at this second shot at life and I want everyone to see Medical Marijuana isn’t as scary as chemo, big pharma, and the Attorney General Jeff Sessions want you to think, question life, there aren’t any stupid questions only stupid answers and together we can weigh war on drugs and save lives with Cannabis!