Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica dominate hybrid 60\40, she descends from OG Kush and Durban Poison.  Girl Scout cookies phenotypes are Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies she has THC levels that are as high as 28% with a 1% CBD level. She has an earthy, woody, spicy-sweet skunky taste and not too much of a smell because, its concentrate, the coloring is a golden brown with the texture of sugar wax.

Girl Scout Cookies has a sweet, earthy, spicy and sweet, that will have a quick relaxing euphoria with some energy.   This particular strain is awesome for relaxing into my recliner and either read or write and lately it’s been writing for a few hours, I will get tunnel vision and focus entirely on the task at hand, I will tune out everyone and everything.

Girl Scout Cookies doesn’t have a lot of bad side effects but the most common are dry eyes and dry mouth  I personally didn’t experience any side effect except but the less common side effect are anxiety, dizzy, paranoia, and panic attacks.  The medicinal quality of Girl Scout Cookies helps relieve the symptoms of stress, depression, pain, lack of appetite, and fatigue.

One of the best effects for me is it calms my stomach and allows me to eat and keep it down.  Having an eating disorder makes it very hard at times.  An eating disorder affects so much more than just a person weight, the mental side of an eating disorder is torture, hair loss, not including what is going on inside your body, so I personally look for strains that assist me in eating every day, otherwise, I will go days without eating anything.  Most people that have an eating disorder have some sort of major trauma so food is the one thing they could control in their lives.  My eating disorder started when I was in 7th grade when my mother’s uncle was molesting me, we were selling those candy bars for school and I thought if I eat them and get fat he will leave me alone, well I gained close to 50 pounds and it didn’t stop him, that’s when I had to seek help.

Overall I use cannabis to ease the pain mentally and physically, I love people and I’m afraid of them because of my past I have been learning how to deal with the emotions that keep boiling to the surface it’s been a slow and painful process but oddly rewarding.

I found my voice with cannabis, it eases my pain both mentally and physically it has helped me in so many ways I will share as much of my experiences with all of you so you can hopefully feel some of the peace I have today.  I know my stories I share are sad and for that, I apologize but I’m hoping my experiences will help you on your journey.

Wickenburg Alternative Medicine you guys are amazing and I’m personally extremely grateful to have you, thank you.  As a side note, I did talk to the owners of W.A.M. and they explained the concentrates situation a little, so here it is the concentrate looks like a sugar wax or a crumble because of all the humidity we’ve had over the last couple of weeks.  The product however is amazing taste great looks great color is a beautiful golden brown.  Thank you W.A.M. you’re the best!!!