Hemlock descends from Durban Poison and LA Confidentials she has THC levels between 18% and 21% with a 1% CBD level.  The concentrate is a thick snap and pull that doesn’t stick to your fingers, which I love the colors are a light golden tan.  Hemlock is a great tasting 50\50 hybrid leaning more towards the Indica effects she taste like sweet grapefruit, fruity, sharp, tangy pungent and peppery however she has a very interesting after flavor of an Ammonia exhale. 

The Effects of Hemlock are uplifted, happy, euphoric, creative and focused.  Medical effects are stress, pain, depression, headaches, PTSD, ADD\ADHD Bipolar Disorder and fatigue, and the negative effects are Dry eye’s and mouth, headaches, dizzy and anxious.

This beauty has an amazing feeling it starts with a subtle euphoric effects that will settle into a happy state of bliss allowing you to relax without killing your energy level or causing a lot of anxiety.  When I started this review I was at a pain level of 8.5 and after dabbing several times I was able to get my pain level down to a comfortable 6.  About 20 minutes after my last dab I did get the munchies and was able to eat a small taco salad, I was able to keep it down I was also had a small burst of energy and was able to get some house cleaning done the effects lasted about 3 1\2 hours before I had to smoke again.  This particular strain took a lot to help my pain however was extremely effective with my nausea, lack of appetite, and overall mood enhancer. 

This strain was from Arizona Organix they do a beautiful job on their concentrates, they have a large selection that is always rotating, the store and employees are beautiful very helpful and knowledgeable.  Overall my experience with Hemlock and Arizona Organix is amazing thank you guys so much!!