New York Power Diesel is a 70\30 Sativa hybrid that descends from Aurora Indica and Aurora Borealis strains.  NY Power Diesel has a THC level hanging out around 19 – 24% on average she has a clear golden tan coloring, she has a sweet, sour, citruis and diesel flavor with a sweet berry exhale.  The effects of this beauty are happy, relaxed, sleepy, uplifted, and focused.  Medicinally NY Power Diesel helps treat chronic pain, stress, depression, lack of appetite, spasticity, PTSD, and Bipolar with the negative effects dry mouth and eyes, dizzy, anxious, and headaches.

The euphoria hits almost immediately leaving your head spinning slightly leaving you intensely energized with focused creativity.  With this concentrate, you will quickly notice a 1st and then a 2nd high, the first high relaxes me helps with my nausea and vomiting.  When I started this review I was at a pain level of about 9.5 and 15 minutes after the dabs my pain level dropped to a comfortable 5, and reduced my depression symptoms to a 4. 

Hitting this strain as a hot and hurtful really did hurt me the pepper hit my throat and because I have chronic nausea it seriously burned the crap out of my throat, so if you have a sensitive throat smoke with caution.  The effects of New York Power Diesel allowed me to do the dishes, catch up on some laundry, writing, and taking the dogs out for a 40-minute walk in the desert overall lasting just over 2 hours.  The taste is clean of any major distracting agent used to make the concentrate, as well as the banger, doesn’t flame up when dabbing at higher temperatures. 

Overall the product tasted great it was a perfect snap n pull shatter sticky but not too sticky, and the effects are on point with my medical needs.  Thank you Arizona Organix for yet another beautiful product.