Yes, we all have bad days, from the time we wake up in the morning until the time we go to bed.  So what makes our bad days different from the “Healthy” person’s bad day?  That’s right I’m going to tell you when a person “wakes up on the wrong side of the bed” and they are cranky, anything can just annoy the hell out of you.  Next time you feel that way observe what’s going on around you, how you feel, did you get enough sleep, etc.  You will notice small things maybe you’re having allergies, maybe you’re coming down with a cold whatever it is there is usually a reason why.

With the disabled patient (cancer, PTSD, anxiety, etc.) we are having the same our bodies are telling us something is wrong only we can’t always say what it is we may not know.  My bad days usually consist of pain (but that’s good it tells me am still here) weakness in my muscles, my blood pressure will drop down so low I have to use a walker because I am dizzy or raise so high all I can do is shake, vomiting, cleaning up the vomit and then vomiting again and again until moving huts.   Catheters start becoming extremely painful but it’s more painful with a full bladder.  I pee blood and vomit blood daily and I have to be extremely diligent to drink fluids because I dehydrate very quickly.  One bad day for me lasts about a week for me to recover from unless I get hospitalized then it’s more like 2 weeks.

How do I prevent a bad day?   Most of the time as long as you’re eating right, drinking plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, and this one is the most important, find an outlet for stress.  You can pick any hobby that makes you happy, lets you relax, and gives you time to escape from reality, I write I can get things down on paper and escape into my world if only for a few minutes a day.  Stress is by far the worst thing for patients that have these chronic illnesses, it overstressed the body causing physical side effects.

If you are one of the patients, my best advice to you is, giving in and allowing the people that love you most in, because the more of a load you carry alone creates catastrophic stress that will cause your body more pain.  That being said I’ve noticed the stresses of being in lockdown during Covid one of the biggest was people not realizing they didn’t “really know” the other person while yes I do agree with this in part, please remember all of 2020 was confusing, manipulated, scary in places, lies, lies, lies, fraud, full of emotion, fear, good intentions, and so many other words don’t give up on the people you love because of the politics of the day as politics can change and I’m still waiting on my 2020 tap out button, lol.  That being said creating these boundaries from the people that love you most takes a toll on your body, think of it as a physical threat stalking you, if your mind is already preoccupied are you going to see that tiger about to attack?   Boundaries are not always bad they protect us as well but your heart knows the difference. (On a side note I update my articles from time to time so the first part of this article was written 2/8/2018 and the Covid information is 11/15/2020)

Today is one of those days that I can mentally feel it coming, I slept so lightly last night that I felt like I was awake all night, the catheter is budding the hell out of me, my urethra is going a mile a minute and my blood pressure is up not to mention I’m a bit cranky or a card holding Witch you know the type with a capital B lol however thanks to Nature’s Medicine in Glendale Arizona for being open and cool as hell for my attitude adjustment solution Love Ya!!!