9 days until surgery, so we decided it was time to find a place in Tucson to pick up bulk concentrate, so I hit Leafly and started checking out the deals. I found Prime Leaf university’s location, and I was in awe of the building itself was a cool retro building that turned the corner of the building into a door. It’s really a Syfy channel thing. I love it!  I do, however, have an odd storytime for you.  As we were on our way to Tucson, I searched all the dispensaries online, and I found another concentrate I hadn’t heard of, but when I got to the dispensary, I could no longer find them was weird.

the prime leaf weed haul As promised, 9 days until surgery and another Medical Cringe Story-time.  About 10 years ago, I was admitted into the hospital with a kidney infection, and my night nurse came into my room, did my vitals, and gave me my night meds.  Noticing my blood pressure was high, she asked if I took blood pressure meds, and I said NO, I don’t have a heart problem; I have a pain problem, and my night meds will bring it down in an hour or so; well she decided to call the doctor and get a blood pressure medication, he approved it not being informed I asked she wait and recheck my vitals in 1 hour before looking to a blood pressure medication, and NEVER give me medication without my verbal consent I have too many allergies.  The next thing I know, I’m waking up thinking I had an allergic reaction, she came in, and I said I thought I had an allergic reaction, but it was a blood pressure crash due to medication.  The nurse had then had to spend hours in my room that night and visually monitor me, they tried to give her my room the next night, and I refused, so by law, they have to change the nurses and doctors as well if you tell them to, as long as they have another doctor to change to.

Overall I got a lot of concentrate at a great price. Hopefully, it will last long enough for me when I get home from the hospital!!!

2 grams Venom Extracts Purple Dream
2 grams Venom Extracts Pink Kush
2 grams Venom Extracts Boomtown
2 grams Venom Extracts Lava Cake
2 grams Venom Extracts Gorilla Butter
2 grams Venom Extracts Sour Tangerine
2 grams Venom Extracts Memory Loss

2 Canna Confection Flower Pop.

This channel gives tips on the uses of medical marijuana how it affects most people and me. Medical Marijuana was scary for me at first, so I scoured YouTube for an educational channel about the effects of cannabis. All I could find was people smoking it and having a good time. Still, no real information about each plant’s facts, I figured I wasn’t the only one that was curious, and Free My Cure was born. If you have a strain, edible, or any other cannabis-related idea and you want me to make a video about it, please feel free to email me at ctc420pro@gmail.com Most questions can be answered on my website at www.freemycure.org Disclaimer:

This channel is for Cannabis patients and adults; all opinions expressed during the show are just that, my opinion. Thanks! Final thoughts: Being a YouTube comes with certain responsibilities, and on this channel, I will always be 100% with you. I love what I do and love that you guys come to see me every day and offer encouragement, love, and support, and I can’t thank you guys enough!!! Please note this channel is for Cannabis Patients and Adults. It’s not intended for minors or illegal Marijuana consumption. Please always consult a Dr. if you have any questions or concerns. Medical Marijuana can affect people differently, causing some paranoia and or anxiety; if it becomes overbearing, using a little CBD will help calm those adverse effects and return you to a more comfortable state. A few people have asked an excellent question “Where do we find you if COPPA affects your channel?” So I decided to post all of my social media links below:

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