$300.00 Weed Haul from Greenhouse of Flagstaff

1/4 ounce Pineapple Express Flower
1 gram Lemon Brulee House Shatter          J1 House Shatter
1 gram Cherry Tang house shatter               1 gram Space Doctor House Shatter
1 gram Desert Cherry house shatter            1 gram RBK OG house shatter
1 gram Everset premium cannabis keif
1 gram King Musa house crumble                 1 gram Ultra Sour house crumble

I believe I have visited over 90% of the Arizona Dispensaries and love them all.  They have all adopted some pretty cool practices and ways of making their patients feel special, recognized, and important, joining in with community activities, sponsorships of school sporting teams, supporting our Veterans and disabled, and overall trying to spread positivity and support.  I worry about the larger conglomerates that are forming in this community, and that personal touch that activists for years have stood behind may be changing and not for the better.

Information and technology are finally gearing up for the prime cannabis industry, which the citizens of the world have been illegally separated from for almost 100 years now.  A substance that until the 1930s was used in 70% of the world’s trade in medicine, paper, oil, fuels, explosives, beauty products, textiles, boat sails, maps, food, and more.  A substance that ensued years of lies, corruption, misinformation, so an elite few could profit from polluting our world, cutting down our trees, making people sick from chemicals, and outlawing a natural substance.  Now, this haul isn’t about what went on but what I’m afraid could happen. We have always been proud of not being big pharma, being pure, no patient left behind to say, but I’m seeing more and more patients being left in the dark, some with cancer and some without, they can’t afford their meds; they can’t afford clean meds, They can’t afford RSO Oil to cure their cancer and are expected to come up with 3-7K for their cancer treatments, cancer patients don’t have that kind of money. Usually, they live paycheck to paycheck until this last year, with the pandemic and money being even tighter than before. These patients are outside looking in, which, sadly, doesn’t change for many.

As more and more people learn about cancer and cannabis, and RSO Oil, the more people reach out to me for help and ideas to help them get to the medicine they need to survive.  In January 2021, a gentleman reached out to me about his fiance. She had several tumors in her head, it had hit her blood system, and they were going to start a very aggressive form of chemo and radiation.  He told me he knew that RSO might be able to help her; however, where he lived, it wasn’t available, and if I could point them in the right direction… and I was at a loss.  When I did my RSO treatment with 100 grams of RSO in 33 days, at one point, I was investing 4 grams of RSO Oil a day.  I started to feel better, the pain started to calm down, and I was settling into a daily routine, something I couldn’t do for several years; my mental health was even doing a little better, my agoraphobia wasn’t setting me off every day then.  I was finally starting to wake up from the pharma fog I had been in for years, I didn’t need the heavy pain medications as often, and I was starting to wake up something I don’t think I really had been for the last 10 years or so.

I started wanting to know more about cannabis, a substance that has helped tons of people and animals. I started waking up to the lie that I had been force-fed since I was a kid, a substance that had every professor of mine in college fought against, a substance that had its own history deleted in the eyes of the citizens of the world.  Why was this substance so scary? It’s never killed, anyone. You can’t overdose on it. It cures cancers, calms anxieties, brightens depression, and allows the imagination to sore exploding in the creative arts, music, writing, photography, videography, and so much more.

Allowing any large conglomerates scare me because Big Pharma was there to help us once as well, and greed changed those programs forever; honestly, they aren’t even recognizable anymore.  Big Pharma, for years now, has created more customers than they heal, leaving a large majority broken, sick, depressed, scared, and suicidal.  Let’s fix this in our industry, make medical majuana the big pharma cure and stop leaving our patients behind!

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