Harvest Of Peoria is a cute little dispensary off Peoria and Peoria Avenue.  The waiting area is well lit, indoor waiting area, recreational and Medicinal cannabis, nice, knowledgeable staff, and inviting.  Harvest of Peoria is tied into the other Harvest stores, making them, and their records are now shared, including accumulated points, and I love that.  I can now go to any Harvest dispensary across Arizona, and my points are still usable at them all.

While at Harvest, The Bud Tender was telling me about the THC levels in each strain, and she was surprised when I said I don’t really look at the THC level, she was very interested in what I do go by, and it dawned on me I’ve never told this part of my review process so the next review I upload I will break it down for you guys. As other criteria present themselves, they will be considered.    I hope you have a great day, and I’ll catch ya on the flip side.

Venom Extracts:

Northern Lights                          Candy Store                     Head Gasket                    Fruit Punch
Animal Face                               Honey & Banana              Rasberry Widow               Skull Cap
Peppermint Agave                      Cherry Lime Pop


Abundant Organics         Chewbacca                            3.5 gram
Harvest                           Marshmallow OG                    3.5 gram

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