The newest dispensary reviewed Green Hills Patient Center in Show Low Arizona

Today’s review is quality over quantity.  I usually pick up a strain or two for review at every dispensary; however, this deal made the most sense.  I purchased the High-Grade mini slab for $110.00 and then received the gram of Drip for free, and the Red22 was $60.00.  I thought this was a good deal, and then they gave an additional 10% off the order bringing my total savings to be about $75.  This weed haul lasted my husband and me about five days, and because of the new patient specials, we were able to treat ourselves. Still, I have to pose the question does higher quality Cannabis lasts longer than lower quality cannabis.

My husband and I know that 12 grams of concentrate last us roughly two weeks up to this point.  With the High Grade and the Drip concentrates, I’m getting 4.5 grams of concentrate every five days, so making the same 12 that I’m using would cost me about $415 in two weeks.  Now we can sacrifice taste, gain carcinogens and lower fuels, quality, and purchase $15-20 concentrates. Buying $15-20 grams of shatter means I spend $200-230 every two weeks instead of $415, and that is still too expensive for most and sometimes me.  We live in a budgeting world where unemployment rates are still high, and most are trying to get by because of this “pandemic.”  I’ve watched the patient specials drop off the planet, and the prices soar. I’ve watched people count their change and pay with rare $2 bills so that they can get relief from their symptoms, and I would like to see that change a little.

Historically sick people are also broke people.  I’ve watched cancer patients stay in chemo because “they didn’t have to pay for it,” and that’s hard for me to swallow.  4 years ago, I was given the opportunity to use RSO to cure my cancer. I like so many thought; yeah, right, it can’t be that easy, it was, and now medical marijuana is making its slow re-entry into the medical field.  Medical Marijuana doesn’t cure all cancers, but it does fix the symptoms of chemo. For that reason alone, I would love to see insurance companies and Doctors embrace MMJ and work together for their patients.

3.5      Grams           Dr. Who Mini Slab Shatter from @HighGradeConcentrates
1         Gram             Cherry Pie Batter by @Drip
3.5      Grams           Shred 22 Flower by @RED22


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