Grease Monkey strain review from Health for Life.  Health for life Dispensary on Cave Creek in Phoenix, Arizona, is a cute little dispensary with knowledgeable staff.  Times being what they are, we were looking for the best deal for our money, so I hit the web, and Health For Life had the best deal.  We picked up 10 grams of concentrate for $140 since we were first-time patients BOGO deal plus, we got 1 extra gram of concentrate for every $100 that we spent.  In total, we bought 22 grams of shatter and ¼ ounce Flower saving us about $200.

Grease Monkey is a 70/30 Indica hybrid with a THC level of 25-27%.  Grease Monkey was bred from Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies and cream.  She has a sweet, vanilla, diesel, and skunky taste that can only be rivaled by the flavor.

Grease Monkey’s effects are Euphoria, happiness, hungry, relaxation, and sleepy.  Medicinally to treat chronic pain, headaches, inflammation, insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, and stress.  Grease monkey’s High is a creeper building from behind the eyes before suddenly taking hold with a euphoric relaxing feeling that will have you couch-locked before you know it.

This strain really helped me creatively. I was able to get another chapter written, a few more videos, I was even able to do some hiking with the dogs. I was pretty worn out, but it’s the most I’ve been able to hike since the surgery.  My normally quiet hubby got very talkative before the couch lock sets in.

Overall, this strain tasted good, has good effects, has good coloring, and was successful in my attitude adjustment.  There are days when everything goes wrong, you’re stressed or just plain afraid of the situation around you, and our attitudes need adjustments.  Cannabis is a natural way of easing many mental health triggers; it’s not a cure for their illness but combined with a good Doctor and medication if needed, you will find that attitude adjustment comes a bit easier.


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