I love Fabletics hauls. Since the surgery, I find it difficult to find clothes that fit a little snug around the waist to support my stoma without irritating it. I also like a straight-legged without leaving a bunch of material around my ankle since I’m vertically challenged towering a massive 5 feet 3 inches.  Fabletics leggings are super soft, fit perfect, and quality material.

I am a member of Fabletics so every month I purchase a credit per outfit.  This haul was 3 credits, which I purchased over 3 months.  The first thing I look at is the bundles that give me more than one product for the same as 1 Item.  This package had 3 sets:

Fabletics gear black leggings and white shirt with Fabletics on each item.
Black Halter top with grey leggings
Green sports bra bathing suit top with Black Leggings with see-through mesh on the sides.

I love Fabletics and I think you guys would too.



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