** Re-Published**    Original Article written September 21, 2017

Welcome back to Free My Cure Webisode 5.

My name is Nicola, and I am a Terminal Stage 4 cancer patient. I turned to cannabis 4 years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. Join me on the journey to find a cure for my cancer using cannabis! I have improved my quality of life by 10 percent, and I don’t plan on stopping here.

The Chill Bud II by the Dailey High Club $30.00 with Free S/H to the US Chill Bud 14 mm glass recycler, DHC Donut glass matt, clipper full size, Kush Hemp wraps, Raw Tips, Cyclone Pre-roll cone, Chill Bug Glass Jar with cork, Boveda 2-way humidifier, chill 1 1/4 Papers, Hemp Vine wick, DHC Sticker set. www.freemycure.org Please subscribe to my channel for cancer and cannabis-related topics, free giveaways, and much more.  https://dailyhighclub.com/

I received a year worth of monthly fun.  The bubblers are more of collectible fun pieces.  I displayed the pieces around our smoke room.  They are fun conversation starters.  I even gave a couple away as gifts!

As always, guys, I hope you have a beautiful day.  Mad Love Nicola

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