I’m doing 100 grams of Rick Simpson oil made from Gorilla Bomb. Gorilla Bomb is a hybrid between Gorilla Glue #4 and THC Bomb hybrid IndiaIndia’ss is Gorilla Bomb’Bomb’sen voyage for Rick Simpson Oil in the United States to date, so we will be learning together with this strain. Well, sleep has officially returned, Yaaa!! I am feeling better by the day now. I’m getting more and more energy as the treatment moves forward. The texture is a soft peppery taste, and it didn’t hurt my mouth, throat, or stomach until my allergies hit, then it burns the throat a little. The burn goes away within 20 minutes. Overall I’m feeling better than I have in a while. My energy is still low but is slowly returning to normal.

The first week is completed, and I feel a little better every day.  Looking back on the whole RSO Video Diary, I can see my face and eyes change.  I had been feeling horrible for so long that once I started to feel better, it took me by surprise.  Even if the RSO Oil didn’t, it gave me a small piece of comfort and allowed me to sleep again.   Chemo and radiation are the traditional cancer treatments however they take more lives than it saves.  Cannabis is different. You can’t overdose. It doesn’t make you sicker, and you can take it with chemo or radiation to help with the horrible side effects that Big Pharma leaves behind and believe me there are a lot and they can last even after treatment is over.


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