allgreens weed haulWe’ve been staying at an RV Resort in Sun City and let me tell you if they had a grocery store I would have no need to leave the park ever. This place is insane they have a full library with computers, a woodshop, a jewelry shop so you can make jewelry, and ceramics, a heated pool open all night, laundry open all night with large washers, church, music, and concerts during the evening, and so much more. I will be going back when I’m feeling better because I didn’t get the chance to roam free.

Weed Strains 1. Pineapple Express 2. Princess Butter Haze 3. Blue OG 4. Critical Mass Flower 5. Gorilla Glue 6. Wookies OG 7. Berry Banana 8. Grape Gelato 9. Cheese Skittles 10. G-13 11. Lemon Jack 12. Jack Herer

A short story I recently had a kidney infection that sent me to the emergency room and one of the first questions the nurse asked me was about my allergies and I told her, she asked me if I had been vaccinated and I said no, her reply did you want it and again I said NO. The nurse gave me a horrible look of disapproval like I was lying and said check my records I can’t take the flu or pneumonia shot either because of a preservative they use and I’ll be damned if the nurse didn’t ask how allergic I was and my reply was how allergic do I need to be? I’m sorry but this insanity needs to end the medical field is essentially here for us, to heal us or help us pass with dignity and everything in between. So Medical professionals and administrations DO BETTER!!


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