manic monday 6Today is Manic Monday 6, and I just wanted to take a moment and check in with you guys and make sure you are all doing ok in this crazy world. Have you reflected anymore on replying and not reacting when you are in a difficult situation? How about anxiety; have you fully understood that anxiety is an irrational fear that, in most cases, never comes to light.   Have you figured out your personal values and how they affect your life? If the answer is yes, let’s continue on! We are about halfway through.

The coloring pages this week are “What if I fall but… what if I fly” and “Be the best version of you.”

The mental volcano comes into play when we allow the small little things day in and day out. I recently had one of these explosive outbursts with my hubby. We are an odd couple. He does the bitching, and I do everything else primarily because when I’ve finally had it, I explode, and I usually have the mouth of a trucker. However, this last time, I couldn’t take the yelling and cursing in the truck because of a stupid driver. Usually, I can hide in my phone, scrolling through my social media accounts, but this time, I went off, telling him enough all the way to shut the beep up. This only shuts him up for a short while, but I think his bitching helps put him in a better mood, and I’m not having that. I can’t take anymore.

Manic Monday 6.2What I would like to say is, Whom am I mad at
Industry Standard                                                                                                    Lazy Days
I’m not bitching, but                                                                                                 Hubby.
Let’s Go, Brandon.                                                                                                  This Administration
They give social security a 6% raise, and congress gets a 21% raise.                  This Administration
Mommy Dearest                                                                                                     My Eggdoner

You can take this book out into the middle of nowhere unless you are already there. Shout out the items on your list. Another fun way to do this exercise is to write each item on a plate or a ceramic birdie and smash or shoot them. If you have another idea, please write it in the comment below.

Cardiac Coherence
“When you are in cardiac coherence, you are relaxed and calm your heart rhythm is regular. The goal is to train yourself to balance your heart rate by following your breathing to evacuate your anxiety and self-regulate your emotions.”

Manic Monday 6.3The Method
sit down with your hands on your legs or a table, keep your back straight and close your eyes. Breath calmly at a rate of six breaths per minute for about 5 minutes.” Repeat as needed.

Coloring Pages:
“Love is the beauty of your soul” and “The flower does not dream of the bee. it blossoms, and the bees come.”

The Crystal Ball
What’s your goal? Who are you with? Where do you live? What are your activities? And most importantly, Who are you?

The crystal ball would show my husband and I live on a 100-acre piece of property with a house that may be a barniminium-style house. The upstairs of the barn will have a balcony all the way around, and it will have plenty of sitting space. We will have room in the bottom part of the barn for cannabis processing. There will be three separate gardens for cannabis hemp and a food garden. We will have chickens, goats, and a few easier animals to care for. The property will have a wall completely around it to keep off the larger animals from eating our crops. We will have several 50amp full hookups and trailers for guests or employees to stay. There are exotic flowers and trees all around the property. Driving through the gate will make you feel l like your entering a different world.
In this exercise, my goal is a cannabis farm. What do I need to do to attain my goal? Business Plan, Build and finish all social media platform integration, Find land in the 6000-foot range, Find investors, and start purchasing cultivation supplies and mmj equipment.

manic monday 6.5On the Road
The steps along the way to achieving my goal. “Take a specific goal that is a part of your ideal future.”  Visualize it. What is the Way? What are the steps? For my Marijuana Farm, the stairs I would have to climb are as follows; Research and fix our resume on the website. Schedule tasks for the website and social media. Make investment proposals. My health and mental health. Have daily content for social media and website. Supplies and equipment lists. Business plan. My staircase is as simple as it comes because I can draw. What do your stairs look like?

Stress Less& Self Care Cards
I picked these cards up before my surgery last year because I thought it would give me something to do. Well, it turned out I couldn’t work on any of the activities before, and I just found them again, so let’s check them out. Affirmations, worry less, and more.

Watching and processing this video, I laughed because I was sooo high by the end of the show. I was in no pain for the most part.

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