Sour RuntzSour Runtz strain is a 50/50 weed strain from Nature’s Medicine.  She’s bred from Zkittles X Gelato strains with an average of 19-29% THC.  This beautiful gram is from Nature’s medicine in Glendale off of grand avenue.  Sour Runtz strain has a sweet, woody, and tropical pineapple.  I consider this more of a snap and pull; however, other factors may prevent it from being a little more solid. Remember, shatter is supposed to shatter; that’s why it is named shatter.  However, it tastes and looks great, and I believe the plastic sheet is an appropriate container considering we were able to remove all of the product off the plastic sheet.

Named after the iconic candy.  Runtz high comes barreling down on you a few minutes after you smoke as the high starts to take hold.  Starting in your head with calming lift just before you get those tingling goosebumps throughout your body, leaving you sedated and couch-locked.  The effects of sour Runtz are calming, Hungary, relaxing, sleepy, and uplifted.  Medicinally to treat Anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, stress, and depression.

I was notified by youtube a couple of weeks ago that we now have super chats and stickers…What exactly does that mean? I have no idea, but I’m going to pull out my Youtube for dummies book and find out.  Please help me out and put it in the comments below if any of you know.  I also had an odd thing happen to me the other day.  This guy came up to our trailer steps and the front door and was kind of looking in, but the longer I watched him, I think he might have just been fixing his hair.  He didn’t mess with anything, and he wasn’t looking hard to see through the window because I was right there, and he didn’t appear to have seen me.  Moving around these RV Resorts here in Arizona, I dod A LOT of people watching, and they have some odd behaviors. Maybe I will have a storytime. If you’re interested, let me know in the comments below.

AS I’m editing this video, I’m watching the background.  A lady on a quad with her dog standing on the back.  She’s going to take care of her horse.  We’re staying at an RV Resort that has stables for their horses.  When I get really stressed out, I go down to the stables and talk to the horses, which helps me immensely.

On a side note, Nature’s medicine, Glendale dispensary recently re-did their parking lot, and it’s a lot more convenient for patients, and I appreciate you.

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