chocolate thaiChocolate Thai is formally known as “Thai Sticks.”  This delicious beauty is a favorite around the world. She is said to be super tingling and having arousing effects. The high has a slow build-up and will come out of nowhere with a lifted sense of euphoria. You will find yourself loosening up and feeling happy, motivated, and creative, focusing on mental tasks and conversations. A physical relaxation with a heady lift keeps you focused as your mind flies high into giddy creativity that will have your mind flying into a crazy day.

Chocolate Thai’s effects are, Aroused, creative, euphoria focus, happiness, hungry, and uplifted. Medicinally to treat anxiety, appetite loss, depression, insomnia, nausea, and stress. Chocolate Thai tastes are sweet, chocolatey, earthy, spicy, woody, and nutty.

Overall the product is good, it has a nice flavor, and I can’t quite put my finger on the after-taste but nice. The color is good; there appears to be some crumble mixed in this product, and that’s ok. The shatter I call a sugar wax, a stable shatter should be solid, and if you drop it on the table, it will shatter. This concentrate is just gooey and sticks to the plastic sheet, losing up to half of the product to the plastic sheet gods. I’m playing, but I hope you understand that containers should be appropriate for the product, and in this case, it’s the wrong container for this product, no offense.

Prickly Pear CactusToday I decided to share the dessert with you. I live in Arizona, and the desert is alive with beautiful cactus flowers every May and June. Today I have a prickly pear leaf that was cut off a giant prickly pear cactus. I re-cut the original cut and put it in a planter with some good soil, and a month later, you can see where she is growing new leaves. It was that simple, water every day, and you’re on your way to wowing your friends. I also have a couple of flowers and the fruit off the prickly pear, and as you can see, there is an alow vera type substance that is secreted; this is like a super thrive for your plants; they will love it.

Next, I have the Saguaro flowers. Saguaros are a protected plant, and if caught cutting one down, they will fine you up to $10,000; finding them fallen in the desert is a common occurrence; I even have a few skeletons in the storage unit. Saguaro cactus also bloom in May and June, and they are beautiful. They are so beautiful that Arizona Highways does a full spread on them every year called a desert in bloom.

cactus FlowersWe have the “Old Man” Cactus is really cool and stands out because of the cactus needles that appear to be hairy or fuzzy all the way to the flower.    It has a pink blossom that blooms only at night.

The Jumping cactus is really unique. Jumping Cactus or Cholla Fruit Cholla flowers have small hot pink flowers on the cactus fruit. The fruit on this cactus has fruit, yes, fruit on fruit. However, the fruit doesn’t ever ripen just grows more fruit the following season. I don’t know any other fruit that has this superpower.


The giant Dragon lily isn’t a cactus; it’s a bulb. It has a sweet vanilla-type aroma and blooms in a pod that generally holds four flowers. The blooms usually are large, about the size of a small exercise ball.

Giant Dragon LilyAs I’m learning new cultivating skills, I’m surprised at how cacti grow and how they can help other plants heal, transplant, and maintain a healthy soil and water base. Cacti are not only great for other plants but for you as well. They have the ability to save lives from products or medication that use a cacti base to give a person much-needed hydration; when you’re lost in the desert, just be careful of those needles they bite. The only thing I’m missing in my garden right now is Aloe Vera, but I plan on fixing that issue soon.

As a side note this is my first youtube video that has the new intro and outro so let me know what you guys think in the comments below.


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