Cindy's giftCindy’s Gift is a 70/30 Sativa hybrid. Her parent strains are Cinderella 99 and Nina Limone and has a 30% THC Level. I purchased it from Natures Medicine in Glendale. I personally love the layout of this dispensary. As you enter the building, you are greeted with a small waiting room, a registers wall, and a dreamy aroma. As you enter the back end of this dispensary, it’s a large open room with registers circling the outside ring of the large ballroom. They recently changed their decor, removing the wood centerpieces I’ve loved since I first walked in, and it has a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Cindy's gift

Cindy’s Gift effects are energizing, euphoria, focus, motivation, and uplifting. Medicinally to treat; depression, fatigue, motivation, uplifting, bipolar, and weight loss. Cindy’s Gift bud with its mouthwatering taste and aroma. You’ll feel a rush of uplifted energy that fills your mind with a deep sense of focus and motivation. You’ll feel creative and ready for what life has to throw at you. Today I decided to open the package on video so you can see exactly what I see.

As you can see, this is not a stable shatter. It has some crumbling around the side of the packaging. The concentrate has some discoloration throughout the pro. I find it almost mesmerizing with the depth of the shine and sparkle; however, it makes you question what is in the concentrate and if it’s over or under-processed This particular gram of concentrate was chilling in the refrigerator. Now that I’m opening it, sticky sticks to both sides of the plastic, so we are going to scrape it off and put it in a dab container so we can taste it. As I was editing this review, I was surprised that it took almost ten whole minutes to prep the product in order to review it. Most of this time is spent off camera when I open the containers; however, it shouldn’t take nearly that long, and look at the amount of concentrate left behind as a complete waste.  **As a side note, I contacted Nature’s Medicine and let them know this was what was going on with their product, and they were extremely apologetic. The dispensary explained they had a packaging crew and the dispensary would let them know, and then they gave us a couple of grams of concentrate to make up for the lost products. I add this information to my reviews to better serve the patient and dispensary better.

Cindy's giftOverall this was a great tasting concentrate. The effects were fire, and I was able to actually sit and watch a whole movie this morning which never happens. I always put a movie in and then end up cleaning and using it as background noise, but today I watched the entire “Escape Room” movie, and it was good. I highly recommend it, and I believe there is a part 2 I’ll definitely be looking up later.   Nature’s Medicine, thank you for the wonderful concentrates and the wonderful conversation we had over the phone today. You guys are amazing, and I appreciate you!



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