manic Monday 8Ho’oponopno is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. “The problem is not the reality on the outside but on the inside. And to change this reality, we must change ourselves.” Krishnamurti

This exercise will use the simple formula – Sorry – Please Forgive Me – Thank You – I Love You  First. You must recognize the situation and accept it. Forgive others or yourself, or even the Universe for what’s happening. Gratitude to help positive change and renew your love instead of remaining in the negative. As much as I love this formula, and I do, it would take up most of my day, so unless it’s super crazy, I’m starting with this once a day or once a week to get started. This should give me a little time to see how it fits.

My Mask
Everyone goes through life with at least one mask, one for work and one for home. People like me use them to hide the pain of youth as protection. In this exercise, make a mask that reflects YOU! What does your mask look like, what colors, sayings, or what inspired your mask, and does it help? Does the mask highlight your qualities or fears? My mask would be that white smiley face the patient holds up with a tongue depressure in the depression medication commercials. I would then write These phrases on it. It’s Ok, Suicidal ideology wall, I’m ok, I’m strong, smile, close my mouth, swallow the knot in my throat and breath, Don’t cry, Love yourself, Smile, I’m not afraid, no tears, and I’m smart. I also choose the writing colors on the mask will be red, white, and blue. I am very proud of my country, not necessarily the government, but I love my country, and I feel like it’s been under so much scrutiny lately.

manic 8Coloring page sayings. The pain I feel today is the strength I feel tomorrow. Accept what is, let go of what was, and trust in what will be.

What if it happens
As the author said, I had had times when my anxiety was so high that it didn’t matter how well I did. I told myself I was a failure, a loser, incompetent, and even a bad person. It all came to a head in 2020 when nothing was going right. Every time I completed something, something else broke. When I had a friend, a colleague, and a person I revered sent me these horrible messages out of nowhere because of some political this I posted or BLM thing I posted. Ultimately going off about, we have different experiences and do not lump them together. Now, this bugged me and still does at times. And when I tried to ask what the person was talking about, I was blocked. This affected my performance on my socials. I actually stopped making content for just over a year, and this friend wasn’t the reason why. I had a lot going on medically and mentally, and I couldn’t see myself doing this anymore. This book and others have been a kick in the teeth. I needed to get back online and tackle my fears, but I also had a sense of liberation. What if I succeed?

The Worry Tree
So I thought I had forgotten my list however it was sitting right there. We will make a worry tree and place our worries on it. Write the worry on a leaf and color the leaf green if we have no control over it. If it’s a current worry color, it’s red on the leaf. You can also use any other coloring system that works better for you. My worries are:

  • Getting my home cleaned before hubby gets home
  • videos, video write-ups, my book
  • Sponsors
  • tires for truck
  • bills
  • laundry
  • My oldest son
  • My youngest son and his family and new baby
  •  Getting everything done before nap time
  • The turf war between a javelina and myself, stupid javelina.

manic monday 8My Superhero Armor
Create your armor and or shield. It should be beautiful, Comfortable, and should look like you. You can draw your armor or glue pictures together to make your desired effect. I chose a shield. On my shield, there is a cannabis leaf in the middle with words again around the outside edge of the shield. The words on my shield are happy, healthy, good, evil, warrior, love, strong, and hate. Just under the pot leaf is a cancer ribbon with four paintballs splatters in the colors purple, peach, teal, blue and yellow. The pot leaf represents taking control of my medical issues and becoming cancer-free. The words are words of strength like secret weapons. The ribbon stands for the cancers I’ve had, and the colors represent the type of cancers.   Purple, blue, and yellow stand for bladder cancer. Peach is for endometrium cancer and uterine cancer. Teal is cervical cancer.

Coloring page sayings: “Believe in your dreams, and they may come true. Believe in yourself, and they will surely come true”. “You can’t expect life to have the meaning. You have to find one for it.”

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