Another day another Toke.

I have been a little sporadic, and I’m trying to get through this Mania.  My demons have really been knocking at my door and peering through the windows.  So let’s close the doors and turn up the music but first, what are we smoking this week?  Our e-nail needs to be loaded. I love being able to use it mostly because it is quiet, and it doesn’t blare through the video.

God Bud Flower
Berry Banana Butter
Pineapple Express
Doxie Crumble
God’s Gift  Sugar Wax
Ice Cream Cake Shatter
Maple Sugar Butter
AMF OG Diamonds
Alien Rock Candy Sauce
Dr. Gonzo DIamonds
Forum Cookies Sauce
DeadBerry and BJS Diamonds

Hubby and I have been working on our relationship because I honestly feel that when you stop working on it, it ends.  So, the area we have that needs the most work is communication, and do we need work on that?  We followed some exercises where we both had to describe something or somewhere, and being able to put it into words accurately was harder than I thought, but we were getting there.  Mental health is a difficult journey for most of us, and retraining ourselves is even harder.  I grew up under the “pain will teach you” period, and retraining is difficult with pain as a catalyst.  I find myself retreating into myself when confronted with any type of confrontation. I try to fix things.

Hubby came home from picking up our cannabis and AllGreens, and let me tell you what, they gave him 5 dab spoons, and it made his day.  Normally I pick our medicine because I’m the face of this shit show, and I’ve got several merch giveaways.  I get it, and I’m very thankful for all the things I have collected through the years.

I ran across a new version of the Reefer Madness movie today, and I started watching it.  I watched the first 10 minutes or so when I had to turn it off.  The claims of a gateway drug make you act insane, and it kills users by overdose.  I disagree with these statements.  I then went to youtube and saw an interview with Candice Owens, where she explained her view on cannabis.  She doesn’t believe in allowing kids to use cannabis because it stunts their brains; cannabis can be an addiction, causing “brutal long-term effects.

I paid $285.00 for this order with a $50.00 discount, which will normally last us about 2 weeks.

I am starting a new channel called “Let’s Talk About It,”  where we will tackle some laws in the cannabis industry, cannabis, mental health, and healing 2022.  So sit back with your Bud, and let’s go.




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