Weed-haul From Natures Medicine & GenX Concentrates #freemycure #azmmj

Weed-haul From Natures Medicine & GenX Concentrates #freemycure #azmmj

Nature’s Medicine Small Midweek Weed Haul. I have been buying this bulk deal because we are trying to save money. With the rate of inflation, we will never get ahead, and it’s frustrating. I still have a complete my studio, brakes, and oil change; OMG, will we ever recover from this BS?

Orange Chem
layer cake
Two jagger Batter
2 Agent Orange Sugar wax
Dillenger Batter
Sunny D Sugar Wax
Sweet Amnesia Orange Sugar Wax
Layer Cake Sugar Wax
Princess Haze Flower

The deal we received under natures medicine was $153.30. I believe it was $10.00 a gram. I love getting those excellent deals!!

Nature’s Medicine 

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Worry-Free Wednesday Part 7 with Nicola Dickens! #freemycure   #azmmj

Worry-Free Wednesday Part 7 with Nicola Dickens! #freemycure #azmmj

The No Worries Workbook 124 lists activities and prompts to get out of your head on with your life!  by Molly Burfford

Affirmations Cude:  Let your Light Shine!!

Rewrite the story you tell yourself:  Negative self-talk about things like your education,  looks, personality, or any negative.  This can have a huge negative effect on your mental health or even physical well-being.   If your brain is constantly putting you down, you are not good enough, you can’t do anything right, everyone hates me, or any other negative thinking. We are going to challenge those negative thoughts with positive, powerful thoughts.  You are good enough. You are very intelligent and very capable. You go, Girl!!

Give Thanks:  You are never alone; at every step of your life, there has been someone there who is willing to help. They may have been different people at every step but still, someone.  What would your Thank you to these people be?  Here is my example.
Dear Hubby,
You have stood by my side, including my cancer, crazy spells, and treatments, including RSO oil.  You have taken me to every one of my dr.s appointments, fighting for me and always by my side.  But what I want to thank you for the most is for loving me and being you.
I will always love you, Me.

Ride the wave:  Sometimes, when worry or anxiety hits, the simplest thing works well.  In this lesson, take your finger and trace the waves both forward and backward, clearing your mind and focussing on the waves.  This will help your clear your thoughts and help redirect the current behavior.

Rediscover the real you:  When you are consumed by worry and stressed beyond belief, make a positive trait jar by writing positive traits on separate little slips of paper and putting them in a jar.  Feel free to decorate your jar to reflect you.  When you’re having a hard time with worry, anxiety, or depression, pull a slip or two of the papers from the jar and focus on the trait or traits you pulled from the jar.  This process can be as short as a couple of minutes to an hour or so.  Re-draw as needed throughout your day.

Cross out your mistakes:  Everyone makes mistakes, even you; it’s a part of life, right?  what follows is lecturing, punishing, and doubt.  We need to let go of those mistakes. So this is permission to let them go.  If you don’t allow the past, or it will continue to eat away at your psyche, this is permission to let it go and move on.  Some of the mistakes I’ve made are in parenting, money, Henri, and Not listening better.

forum cookiesUncover your talents: Worry mostly comes from the fear of inadequacy and not being enough.  Make a list of all the things you are great at.  I’m personally ‘Great At”.  Cannabis, webmaster, cleaning,   listening to lectures and audiobooks, getting sick 101, gardening, I helped build the heart pressure machines in the grocery store, if they still have them.

Draw your dream job:  My dream job would be on a farm on 40+ archers of land.  Hubby and I would be working together out in the fresh air and sunlight.  My current is to start the infrastructure online so that when we do find the land, we are ahead in collecting materials and experience online for the first year of business.  I would be 100% happier on land and growing.  I would have several gardens, food, flower, and cannabis to make for a healthier lifestyle.  The property would be in the middle of nowhere, eliminating the need for large walls or fencing.  Donating some of what we cultivate to help others manage a healthier lifestyle.  I personally can’t draw, so instead, this description provides a mental image for everyone.

Coloring page:  Color your way to calm: Mountain Range:  Scale the mountains with your favorite colored pencils, and feel your worries evaporate!

Self-Love Workbook for Women part 2 with Nicola Dickens #NicolaDickens and Free My Cure

Self-Love Workbook for Women part 2 with Nicola Dickens #NicolaDickens and Free My Cure

Chapter 2 Prepare for the Road Ahead:  “If someone else notices our qualities and talents, we think those parts of us must be worthwhile… We long for someone to discover, admire, and colonize us. But why must it be another person? Why can’t you sail ‘that voyage and explore yourself?”  Vironika Tugaleva

Let’s start this show with a moment of silence to remember all the lives lost 21 years ago on September 11.

Affirmation Cube: “Let your light shine.

The power of a daily self-love practice: It’s never too late to learn and practice self-love. Talking to yourself is kind and in keeping you focused on your goals. Self-love can’t grow in the context of shame and insults. I found that my abusers always found a way to insult me and put me down, making it seem like this was all normal behavior, and teaching a child about how to have intercourse was normal. Every family does it, and you learn best with practice. The more skilled you become, the easier it will be to do. A daily dose of self-love sets up a pathway in the brain for self-love to become automatic, allowing self-love to grow.   This practice of self-love might be difficult when you first start, but over time it will get easier.

It’s not all bubble baths and manicures: The pampering of bubble baths in this ever-changing world is relaxing, calming, and essential. It’s something that we may not have the time to enjoy for an extended period. Start with five minutes and do it as often as you can. The pampering is fantastic and helps relax in the here and now, but we, as people, demand it. True self-love involves more. It means we develop honesty within ourselves, identify our values, and create an authentic life free from self-harm and self-destructive patterns.

Be Vulnerable: Focusing on others’ needs can be a way of avoiding our own needs, making us feel vulnerable. An essential part of being authentic to ourselves is recognizing our vulnerability. Our feelings of not being good enough, along with our disappointment, sadness, and fears. When going through those deep feelings of depression or anxiety attacks, seek out your primary support system, whether be your spouse, parent, friend, or therapist. They are the main people who help cheer you up and catch you as you fall into depression. You got this!

Be honest:  Honesty allows us to thoughtfully speak our minds and express our feelings and opinions even if it upsets others or makes someone else uncomfortable. Suppressing emotions doesn’t make them go away. It just makes them come out later and possibly worse. Honesty when I was a young adult, I had a lying problem, and believe me when I say lying is an addictive behavior. I would lie even if the truth sounded better, and it all stemmed from having a horrible childhood. Who wouldn’t want a different life? I never lied about important things, just stupid shit like my brother and I were twins, owning a jeep, or having parents that loved me. As I got older, the lies got stupider to cover the lies I had previously told until I couldn’t get out from under them. I started warning people, especially kids, about the danger of lying.

Put yourself first:  How can we put ourselves first? With the busy lives we all live day after day, putting ourselves first seems like a daunting task that we don’t have time for. Putting ourselves first is highly overrated and gets put on the back burner until Self-love becomes self-love? What’s self-love becomes more of an elusive behavior.   Learning to set emotional and physical boundaries allowed me to restore and engage in activities that brought me peace and joy.

Make time for you:  Whether you are making time for five minutes to relax in the shower feeling the water and heat of the water, lying in bed meditating, stretching, or exercising. These few moments can help refuel and recharge your batteries and can help your day immensely.

Even five minutes is better than nothing:  Showing up for yourself for just five minutes a day or five minutes at a time as needed can also help recharge your batteries or let anger and frustration go from a bad interaction can also significantly improve your mental health. Whatever it takes, right?

Meditation:  I try meditation when I’m up at midnight, trying to calm myself. Relaxing, slowing my breathing, and calming my mind. Starting with my toes, relaxing each area and all the way to my hair until I can feel my body relax around me to try to fall back asleep. This method can be used as many times as needed throughout your day or night. Example:  Focus on smoking. What does it smell like, look like, and feel like? At 3 am, focus on the hum of electricity, dog breathing, an occasional vehicle on the highway, hubby breathing and sniffling. The pen in my hand and writing, the crinkle of the paper and writing. The crinkle of the paper Refridgerator turning off and on. Leaving judgment behind.

Schedule it so you don’t forget it:  I always use this one. As you see, I have the large Happy Planner here, which holds my every move because if I don’t, I will forget it. I have a daily set of questions about my personal well-being in my planner so that I can manage my everyday health. Otherwise, I would forget a lot.

This is the beginning of the self-love journey in our lives. Remember to practice the exercises as needed. Not all of the activities in this book will help you in your journey of self-love but try them once and then custom-fit the activities that help you most. I wish you all the best, and I’m so happy you are taking this journey beside me. Have a beautiful day, and Mad Love. Nicola Dickens


Fabletics Haul with Free My Cure & Nicola Dickens #freemycure #azmmj

Fabletics Haul with Free My Cure & Nicola Dickens #freemycure #azmmj

I love Fabletics workout clothes. You can keep them casual or dress them up!!

Product Description;  Flounce Skirt Serve looks on or off the court in this ultra high-waisted, flowy performance skirt with built-in shorts and a ball pocket. Features, Hidden Pockets Fabric & Care 89% Polyester/11% Elastane Imported, correct sizing

Product Description: This short-sleeve t-shirt style with a crew neck has a relaxed fit and hits at the high hip. Fabric & Care 100% Cotton
Imported. Comes in a variety of colors.

Product Description:  This super-soft tank with open back detail is made from recycled fabrics and will wick away moisture without feeling clingy in your next workout. Features Moisture-Wicking Fabric & Care  90% Recycled Polyester/10% Elastane Imported.

Product Description
Not quite a legging, not quite a Capri, our 7/8 length is the perfect silhouette for those who fall in between. Its high-rise waist with a power mesh lining streamlines your shape while sweat-wicking fabric keeps you fresh along the way.
Fabric & Care
Our famous signature fabric, PowerHold®, is designed with maximum compression to flatter your figure and hold you in without holding you back. Reach for this when you’re boxing, squatting, and everything else.
88% Polyester/12% Elastane

Fabletics always has some must-haves. Check them out at www.fabletics.com

Meet Fabletics
Our mission is to create the world’s most fashionable, high-performance, active-lifestyle products for everyone and everybody–at an accessible price. Our premium styles fuse the latest advances in performance technology with an on-trend, fashion-forward look. This unique design approach empowers you to wear Fabletics beyond the gym or yoga studio and get that activating Fabletics feeling throughout your day (and night!). We strive to make the very best in activewear affordable for all with our innovative VIP membership program, a community-powered program that today counts over 2 million loyal members across the globe.
Fabletics Story
Co-founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler launched Fabletics with Kate Hudson after seeing a gap in the activewear marketplace: There were plenty of luxury brands, but none offered high-quality, stylish gear at accessible prices. Today, Fabletics is renowned for its fashion-forward, performance-driven designs guided by its foundational belief: that everyone and everybody deserves to look and feel their best.

Fabletics 90-Day Perfect Fit GuaranteeIf for any reason you are not content with your order, we gladly accept returns and exchanges for US and Canada orders within 90 days from the date of shipment. Items must be in new, unused condition with the original packaging.


Sweet Rainbow Crumble Weed Review From Nature’s Medicine  #freemycure  #azmmj

Sweet Rainbow Crumble Weed Review From Nature’s Medicine #freemycure #azmmj

stable crumble Sweet Rainbow is an 80/20% indica hybrid with 22% and 1% THC levels. Her genetics are blueberry and Dance Hall. This is a stable-looking crumble that is nicely compact with tiny air bubbles. When I start breaking it up, it crumbles, and unless you have a dab spoon, you may find it hard to hold onto until it hits the banger. Use caution if you are prone to seizures. It a highly versatile and can be used to help treat both mental and physical disorders. (please consult your physician)

Effects:  Euphoric,  happy, relaxing, medicinally to help treat Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, chronic pain, cramps, depression, headache, irregular bowel movement, migraines, muscle spasms, nausea, PMS, PTS, Stress.

I want to share with yall something I’ve found under this strain. I’ve never seen it before, and I’m not sure why but I have started actively looking for you. “THC values in this potent strain can top 22%, while CBD numbers are much lower. That cannabinoid makes up about 0.49% of this strain, which probably means it shouldn’t be used to help treat seizures without other, more effective medication but not necessarily recommended.”  (I will cite my source upon completion).

I usually take a nap every day, but someday, like today, I can’t sleep, so I’m trying this one for sleep and see if I can relax into a short nap before hubby gets home. A few years back, I was started on medications that all seemed together three times a day, so I take morning, noon, and night meds, except recently, where I’ve only been taking them 2x and started taking naps. I found out it was a nice reset button for the day. I felt better in the afternoon. I slept better, and it even helped the nightmares at times.   So after several years, I adopted it more and more, I found it even made me a little saner, swear to God, and if you knew me before and after, you’d see it. So, nap time is pretty important to me.

Disclaimer; It doesn’t appear that I took one photo of this, and wow, I take a lot of pictures of every video and product, so I apologize.

For the Month of August, I’ve decided to do these fizzy bomb party rings to show yall how cool it is. So sit back, relax and let’s have a fizzy time.


Thank you for stopping by my fishbowl, and I can’t wait to see you in the next video!

Mad Love, Free My Cure& Nicola Dickens.




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