New York Power Diesel Weed Review from Arizona Organix

New York Power Diesel Weed Review from Arizona Organix

New York Power Diesel is a 70\30 Sativa hybrid that descends from Aurora Indica and Aurora Borealis strains.  NY Power Diesel has a THC level hanging out around 19 – 24% on average she has a clear golden tan coloring, she has a sweet, sour, citruis and diesel flavor with a sweet berry exhale.  The effects of this beauty are happy, relaxed, sleepy, uplifted, and focused.  Medicinally NY Power Diesel helps treat chronic pain, stress, depression, lack of appetite, spasticity, PTSD, and Bipolar with the negative effects dry mouth and eyes, dizzy, anxious, and headaches.

The euphoria hits almost immediately leaving your head spinning slightly leaving you intensely energized with focused creativity.  With this concentrate, you will quickly notice a 1st and then a 2nd high, the first high relaxes me helps with my nausea and vomiting.  When I started this review I was at a pain level of about 9.5 and 15 minutes after the dabs my pain level dropped to a comfortable 5, and reduced my depression symptoms to a 4. 

Hitting this strain as a hot and hurtful really did hurt me the pepper hit my throat and because I have chronic nausea it seriously burned the crap out of my throat, so if you have a sensitive throat smoke with caution.  The effects of New York Power Diesel allowed me to do the dishes, catch up on some laundry, writing, and taking the dogs out for a 40-minute walk in the desert overall lasting just over 2 hours.  The taste is clean of any major distracting agent used to make the concentrate, as well as the banger, doesn’t flame up when dabbing at higher temperatures. 

Overall the product tasted great it was a perfect snap n pull shatter sticky but not too sticky, and the effects are on point with my medical needs.  Thank you Arizona Organix for yet another beautiful product.    

Hemlock Weed Review from Arizona Organix

Hemlock Weed Review from Arizona Organix

Hemlock descends from Durban Poison and LA Confidentials she has THC levels between 18% and 21% with a 1% CBD level.  The concentrate is a thick snap and pull that doesn’t stick to your fingers, which I love the colors are a light golden tan.  Hemlock is a great tasting 50\50 hybrid leaning more towards the Indica effects she taste like sweet grapefruit, fruity, sharp, tangy pungent and peppery however she has a very interesting after flavor of an Ammonia exhale. 

The Effects of Hemlock are uplifted, happy, euphoric, creative and focused.  Medical effects are stress, pain, depression, headaches, PTSD, ADD\ADHD Bipolar Disorder and fatigue, and the negative effects are Dry eye’s and mouth, headaches, dizzy and anxious.

This beauty has an amazing feeling it starts with a subtle euphoric effects that will settle into a happy state of bliss allowing you to relax without killing your energy level or causing a lot of anxiety.  When I started this review I was at a pain level of 8.5 and after dabbing several times I was able to get my pain level down to a comfortable 6.  About 20 minutes after my last dab I did get the munchies and was able to eat a small taco salad, I was able to keep it down I was also had a small burst of energy and was able to get some house cleaning done the effects lasted about 3 1\2 hours before I had to smoke again.  This particular strain took a lot to help my pain however was extremely effective with my nausea, lack of appetite, and overall mood enhancer. 

This strain was from Arizona Organix they do a beautiful job on their concentrates, they have a large selection that is always rotating, the store and employees are beautiful very helpful and knowledgeable.  Overall my experience with Hemlock and Arizona Organix is amazing thank you guys so much!!          

Bad Days…….

Bad Days…….

Yes, we all have bad days, from the time we wake up in the morning until the time we go to bed.  So what makes our bad days different from the “Healthy” person’s bad day?  That’s right I’m going to tell you when a person “wakes up on the wrong side of the bed” and they are cranky, anything can just annoy the hell out of you.  Next time you feel that way observe what’s going on around you, how you feel, did you get enough sleep, etc.  You will notice small things maybe you’re having allergies, maybe you’re coming down with a cold whatever it is there is usually a reason why.

With the disabled patient (cancer, PTSD, anxiety, etc.) we are having the same our bodies are telling us something is wrong only we can’t always say what it is we may not know.  My bad days usually consist of pain (but that’s good it tells me am still here) weakness in my muscles, my blood pressure will drop down so low I have to use a walker because I am dizzy or raise so high all I can do is shake, vomiting, cleaning up the vomit and then vomiting again and again until moving huts.   Catheters start becoming extremely painful but it’s more painful with a full bladder.  I pee blood and vomit blood daily and I have to be extremely diligent to drink fluids because I dehydrate very quickly.  One bad day for me lasts about a week for me to recover from unless I get hospitalized then it’s more like 2 weeks.

How do I prevent a bad day?   Most of the time as long as you’re eating right, drinking plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, and this one is the most important, find an outlet for stress.  You can pick any hobby that makes you happy, lets you relax, and gives you time to escape from reality, I write I can get things down on paper and escape into my world if only for a few minutes a day.  Stress is by far the worst thing for patients that have these chronic illnesses, it overstressed the body causing physical side effects.

If you are one of the patients, my best advice to you is, giving in and allowing the people that love you most in, because the more of a load you carry alone creates catastrophic stress that will cause your body more pain.  That being said I’ve noticed the stresses of being in lockdown during Covid one of the biggest was people not realizing they didn’t “really know” the other person while yes I do agree with this in part, please remember all of 2020 was confusing, manipulated, scary in places, lies, lies, lies, fraud, full of emotion, fear, good intentions, and so many other words don’t give up on the people you love because of the politics of the day as politics can change and I’m still waiting on my 2020 tap out button, lol.  That being said creating these boundaries from the people that love you most takes a toll on your body, think of it as a physical threat stalking you, if your mind is already preoccupied are you going to see that tiger about to attack?   Boundaries are not always bad they protect us as well but your heart knows the difference. (On a side note I update my articles from time to time so the first part of this article was written 2/8/2018 and the Covid information is 11/15/2020)

Today is one of those days that I can mentally feel it coming, I slept so lightly last night that I felt like I was awake all night, the catheter is budding the hell out of me, my urethra is going a mile a minute and my blood pressure is up not to mention I’m a bit cranky or a card holding Witch you know the type with a capital B lol however thanks to Nature’s Medicine in Glendale Arizona for being open and cool as hell for my attitude adjustment solution Love Ya!!!

California Hash Plant

California Hash Plant

Today’s review is on California Hash Plant or CHP.  I’m doing this review backward normally I would read the review of the flower and see how accurate their descriptions are, however, I’m doing this review as a favor because the caregiver’s patient complained it did nothing for him.

To be fair I’m smoking CHP dated from the same batch as the medication given to the patient to give us an accurate review of the medication in question.  Looking up close the auburn hairs and the golds and yellows are right on the money, I’m not seeing any foreign debris on the surface.  The smell is rich and bold of sweet earthy pine.  The taste was a sweet spice, a large hit of this would definitely hurt your throat it did mine so if you have throat sensitivities beware.  If you were going to cook with CHP I would recommend using CHP in an enchilada sauce or a sauce that has a bit of a spice to it they would blend nicely.

Now for the effects, I took my first drag 20 minutes ago, and at that time I was at a 9 in pain scale (I have been in a body crash for a week now), I was shaky, nauseated, and vomiting.  Now I am at a pain level of 5 (manageable), I stopped vomiting, the shaking improved 80%.

On a side note, I have never done a review with the cultivator right outside the room, it’s quite funny I can hear how nervous he is.  He’s pacing and every now and then I hear him ask my partner how long these reviews take it’s pretty funny I might wait an extra 5 minutes before going out there just to let him sweat a bit, lol.

As for my sunny disposition, CHP had a mild cerebral euphoria, I could feel this strain start with a little sinus pressure, and if you aren’t looking for it you won’t notice if you are a heavy smoker, it’s a weird Indica hybrid that doesn’t put you in the couch, you can sleep with it but again very mild.  I felt this strain in my body I started to feel muscles start to relax, spasms slow down, and the pain in my body relaxed, however, it did nothing for my headache.

When trying new strains keep a couple of things in mind if you are a heavy smoker (flower), if you do dabbing regularly, if you’ve recently done a course of RSO oil, or if you eat edibles on a regular basis strains that have high CBD and low THC will not give you a lot of head euphoria unless you smoke a lot.  When I do a review on someone’s weed I require a 1/8 of the product, the reason for this is because I am a heavy smoker, I use RSO oil on a daily basis so before my written reviews are done I will have smoked 3 to 4 bowls because I have such a high tolerance.  For all my heavy smokers please keep this in mind when choosing your flower.

Girl Scout Cookies Concentrate Review

Girl Scout Cookies Concentrate Review

Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica dominate hybrid 60\40, she descends from OG Kush and Durban Poison.  Girl Scout cookies phenotypes are Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies she has THC levels that are as high as 28% with a 1% CBD level. She has an earthy, woody, spicy-sweet skunky taste and not too much of a smell because, its concentrate, the coloring is a golden brown with the texture of sugar wax.

Girl Scout Cookies has a sweet, earthy, spicy and sweet, that will have a quick relaxing euphoria with some energy.   This particular strain is awesome for relaxing into my recliner and either read or write and lately it’s been writing for a few hours, I will get tunnel vision and focus entirely on the task at hand, I will tune out everyone and everything.

Girl Scout Cookies doesn’t have a lot of bad side effects but the most common are dry eyes and dry mouth  I personally didn’t experience any side effect except but the less common side effect are anxiety, dizzy, paranoia, and panic attacks.  The medicinal quality of Girl Scout Cookies helps relieve the symptoms of stress, depression, pain, lack of appetite, and fatigue.

One of the best effects for me is it calms my stomach and allows me to eat and keep it down.  Having an eating disorder makes it very hard at times.  An eating disorder affects so much more than just a person weight, the mental side of an eating disorder is torture, hair loss, not including what is going on inside your body, so I personally look for strains that assist me in eating every day, otherwise, I will go days without eating anything.  Most people that have an eating disorder have some sort of major trauma so food is the one thing they could control in their lives.  My eating disorder started when I was in 7th grade when my mother’s uncle was molesting me, we were selling those candy bars for school and I thought if I eat them and get fat he will leave me alone, well I gained close to 50 pounds and it didn’t stop him, that’s when I had to seek help.

Overall I use cannabis to ease the pain mentally and physically, I love people and I’m afraid of them because of my past I have been learning how to deal with the emotions that keep boiling to the surface it’s been a slow and painful process but oddly rewarding.

I found my voice with cannabis, it eases my pain both mentally and physically it has helped me in so many ways I will share as much of my experiences with all of you so you can hopefully feel some of the peace I have today.  I know my stories I share are sad and for that, I apologize but I’m hoping my experiences will help you on your journey.

Wickenburg Alternative Medicine you guys are amazing and I’m personally extremely grateful to have you, thank you.  As a side note, I did talk to the owners of W.A.M. and they explained the concentrates situation a little, so here it is the concentrate looks like a sugar wax or a crumble because of all the humidity we’ve had over the last couple of weeks.  The product however is amazing taste great looks great color is a beautiful golden brown.  Thank you W.A.M. you’re the best!!!

9lb Hammer Moon Rock Strain Review from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine

9lb Hammer Moon Rock Strain Review from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine

9lb Hammer is an Indica Dominate Hybrid 80\20 it’s a cross between Goodberry, Hells OG, and Jack the Ripper.  She has a skunky woody sweet skunky flavor that relaxed me into a writing frenzy along with cleaning and eating so this is perfect for chronic pain, stress, depression, muscle spasms, and severe nausea allowing me to eat.  I ate my entire French Dip Sandwich, as I looked at my husband in amazement I actually said OMG I can’t believe I ate the whole thing, the best part is it stayed down!!  I know right, now that’s something to be yelling from the rooftops.

These Moon Rocks were made by Wickenburg Alternative Medicine or as otherwise known W.A.M.  Rolling 9lb Hammer flower in 9lb Hammer concentrate and then rolling it in the Keif from 9lb Hammer Flower, I know my mouth is watering again just typing this.  With all of this THC a few puffs will do and for a new user be careful concentrates and higher doses of THC can cause anxiety attachs.

This beautiful combination will hit you smack dab between the eyes leaving you in a happy creative euphoric fog, only giving you about an hour to create a masterpiece before snuggling up for the night.  Once this creative euphoria leaves you, you will feel a spark of arousal so smoking these alone is not recommended.  Alieving the pain to about a pain level of 4, relaxing the bladder spasms I still have to catheterize to urinate but it helps to relieve some of the spasms that make urinating so painful, also relieving some of the pain for intimacy.

I smoke concentrates mostly, so when smoking flower it’s not as effective adding the concentrate and kief really help me accomplish the things most people can do easily like cleaning the house, eating and keeping it down, and just plain and simply leaving the house.  Once my life was almost over I decided to fight, fight for life, health, and most of all the truth, cannabis has allowed me the opportunity at this second shot at life and I want everyone to see Medical Marijuana isn’t as scary as chemo, big pharma, and the Attorney General Jeff Sessions want you to think, question life, there aren’t any stupid questions only stupid answers and together we can weigh war on drugs and save lives with Cannabis!

Afghani Orange Strain Review from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine

Afghani Orange Strain Review from Wickenburg Alternative Medicine

This Strain Review is quite unique in a few aspects, Afghani Orange is a 70\30 Sativa dominate hybrid 70\30 Live Resin!!!!  So, what does that mean, simply put if I have a tooth that is really hurting me I can take a piece of this live resin and put it directly on the tooth at the gum line and it will numb some of the pain away!!  I know, pretty freaking cool, it takes about 2 to 3 minutes to work and it’s gone and who doesn’t like that idea!! 

Afghani Orange parent strains are Orange Ghost mother and Lashkar Gah\White ’91 father giving her the sweet taste earthy, fruity, tart and sweet, with a hint of citrus OMG so good.  Miguel donated this sample to us and I really appreciate the thought, if you get a chance to sample this beauty it’s definitely worth the time, she holds high levels of terpinole terpenes. 

Terpinole terpenes (a basic break down).  Cannabis contains up to 200 different terpenes, there are 10 primary terpenes, and 20 secondary terpenes that occur in significant concentrations.  Terpinolene or Terpinole is one of the 3 most beneficial to your health, the top 3 being Ocimene, Terpinolene, and Guaiol.

Terpinolene is basically responsible for the fresh citrusy aroma and flavor, it also be found in nutmeg, tea tree, Conifers, apples, cumin, lilacs.  The medically benefits of terpinolene is anti-cancer, antioxidants, sedative, antibacterial, and antifungal.  Terpinolene is most commonly found in sativa dominate strains.

Afghani Orange is a thick creamy dark orange brown concentrate that has a THC level of 18-19% with a 1% CBD, she takes effect quick when you vape the concentrate the effects last anywhere from 1 1\2 -3 hours depending on the person, the high for me was a thickening, stimulating, and creative buzz lulling my body into a comfortable spasm free couch lock for the first time I used this medication, however the more I smoked I found a creative energetic buzz, allowing me to dive into my writing for an hour or two. 

Afghani Orange helps with conditions like; chronic pain, stress, insomnia, lack of appetite, inflammation, anxiety, crones disease, and nausea leaving the patient relaxed, hungry, sleepy, creative, and uplifting effects.  Overall this is a great-tasting and looking concentrate, Miguel you did an amazing job cultivating this beauty and I can’t wait to try more of your products.  Thank you Miguel for all the love you put into the care of your beautiful ladies, it really shows in the end product.    

Kimbo Kush Strain Review from @Arizona Organix

Kimbo Kush Strain Review from @Arizona Organix

Kimbo Kush was bred by combining Platinum Blackberry Kush and Starfighter, she has THC levels that range from 27% and 29% with 1% CBD.  Today I am sampling Kimbo Kush concentrate she is a darker golden brown, a thick snap-and-pull, the concentrate itself has really no odor.  The flavor is a beautiful pungent earthy, spicy, citruis, sweet, and berry taste that will lull you into a comfortable indica hybrid relaxation, she is a 70\30 indica hybrid. 

The effects of Kimbo Kush are relaxed, happy, uplifted, sleepy, and giggly.  The medical benefits of Kimbo Kush are Stress, insomnia, pain, fatigue, depression, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, arthritis, muscle spasms, and loss of appetite.  The negative effects of Kimbo Kush are dry mouth and eyes, dizzy anxious and headache.

 Kimbo Kush is a super potent indica dominate hybrid that placed in the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup. This beauty packs a punch and isn’t recommended for a new smoker, when I started out this morning I was at a pain level of 8 and I was very nauseous after smoking 3 dabs I was at a pain level of a comfortable 6.  I was able to eat some homemade Sweet-N-Sour Chicken and keep it down.  During the first hour after medicating with Kimbo Kush I was able to clean my kitchen, some laundry, and some writing however, found the couch lock effects were more than I could fight off in my recliner and I took an hour nap.  I love nothing more than snuggling up with a good movie on a rainy day however be warned with this concentrate you may not make it long but re-watching it will be well worth it!

Thank you @ArizonaOrganix for this beautiful concentrate, I really enjoyed the experience of Kimbo Kush has created for me.  Thank you for keeping such a beautiful dispensary, great products, helpful staff, and convenient location you’re awesome!!!                 

Chiesel Concentrate Strain Review

Chiesel Concentrate Strain Review

Chiesel’s descends from Big Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel, she is a 60\40 Sativa with an average THC rating of 15+ and 1.04 CBD.  Chiesel Hits pretty slow but steady giving you a burst of energy, I recommend this strain for earlier in the day to maximize the energy effect.  The first flavor that hits you is a harsh chemical diesel taste followed up with a strong earthy pepper after taste, a large hit of this beauty will knock the breath out of you, once you recover you will enjoy a creative buzz relaxing into a creative rhythm.  

Of all the effects I’ve had from different medication throughout my life, the negative effects here are far less scary than Big Pharma, you might experience dry mouth and eyes, Paranoia, anxious, and dizzy.  If you experience any of these or any worse you can always ingest some CBD but if your like me I can handle these side effects with the more common uplifted, happy, relaxed, euphoria, giggly, Hungary, and energetic effects commonly associated with being stoned.  Medicinally Chiesel helps treat things from cramps, headaches, stress, pain, depression, mood fluctuations and anxiety. 

Thank you Wickenburg Alternative Medicine as always you have an amazing product always great tasting, there is no wonder you are being voted one Arizona’s Best!!       

Blue Diamond Strain Review from Swell Dispensary

Blue Diamond Strain Review from Swell Dispensary

Some days I love my job and some days not so much but this has to be one of my better days.  Blue Diamond is a sativa dominate hybrid 45\55 her THC levels range from 16-20% with a CBD level of 1.0.  Blue Diamond have dense little buds filled with greens, gold, orange, and brown, when you pop the top on the bottle the pungent smells of earthy, sweet, fruity, and citrus aromas fill your nose. 

Blue Diamond has officially been added to the re-review list, of all the tasks I do everyday adding strains to the re-review list isn’t my favorite job, so why do I offer to re-review?  The answer… I re-review only when I feel that the carcinogens are high, which is something that isn’t tested for here in Arizona.  Carcinogens are impurities used in growing cannabis or really any plant, it’s these carcinogens that cause cancer and other illnesses.  Plant foods, that aren’t organic have much higher carcinogen counts, impurities added to the soil, and pesticides to name a few, if all these chemicals are added to the plant on a weekly basis, throughout the life span of the plant, the chemicals need to be flushed properly before harvesting otherwise the chemical taste will over power the taste of the flower this couldn’t be more true.

In this case, I placed the Blue Diamond Strain from Swell Dispensary, simply because the chemical taste really takes away from the over all flavor of the product, that being said I usually call the dispensary and let them know I did a review however, the review itself wasn’t great, I wasn’t able to get a good clean taste, I then setup a time to pick up another batch (preferably from a new grow) I again do the full review as if it’s the first time.  I’m not here to pick on anyone, I don’t want growers to feel that we patients feel that we are owed because we aren’t, I’m here to give truthful reviews, and help educate other patients on the different forms of Medical Marijuana. 

When I first started cannabis I was ignorant, I didn’t know what it would feel like to use cannabis? Is eating MMJ different in an edible than smoking it?  Can Cannabis kill me if I take to much?  Are doctors and hospitals going to treat me different because I use Cannabis?  I hit the internet, research was always something I was good at especially if I’m interested in the subject, my problem comes more into play with my OCD, I will obsess over finding the information and getting all published in one place.  The first year was really trial and error, getting into a rhythm posting on my blog, reviewing cannabis (in print, and video), and teaching simple infusion  techniques.  One review takes me 3 hours total time to do, getting dressed and cleaned up, makeup, hair, setup garden for video, clean smoking apparatus, pictures, record review, and then sit and write about how the strain makes me feel does it help or not?

Overall, Swell I believe doing a re-review on Blue Diamond would be the best thing to do at this point, as far as pain management I started out at an 8 this morning and now I’m at a 6, so I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to load another bowl and smoke it with a little shatter mixed in, if anything it should at least  help stop the vomiting this morning.