Free My Cure RSO Video Diary 9  with Nicola Dickens  #FreeMyCure  **Re-Published**

Free My Cure RSO Video Diary 9 with Nicola Dickens #FreeMyCure **Re-Published**

**Re-Published From October 7, 2017**

Gorilla Bomb RSO THC 28%

Gorilla Bomb is a hybrid between Gorilla Glue #4 and THC Bomb, both hybrid India’s. This is Gorilla Bomb’s maiden voyage for Rick Simpson Oil in the United States to date, so that we will be learning together with this strain. This is day number 9, and I slept like the dead last night and over the last week or so.  There is a break in the RSO Video diary for five days.  The reason is that I’ve been asleep for the majority of the time, but I am feeling overall better.  Nausea, pain, and hopelessness are subsiding, and hearing the words terminal cancer scared the shit out of me.  I’m not afraid of dying, but I am so scared for those I love. I know they will be fine, just not ready.

This is 100 grams of Rick Simpson oil made from Gorilla Bomb.  Rick Simpson recommends at least 60 grams of RSO for most cancer patients. When I contacted him, he said because I was on my 4th battle with cancer, to ingest 100 grams if at all possible as quickly as possible.  To overdose on Cannabis, you would have to ingest your weight plus in cannabis. Keeping this in mind, take the 100 grams as quickly as possible.  Looking back on this, now, four years later, I was able to complete the 100 grams in 33 days, topping out at 4 grams of RSO Oil a day.  I slept for almost two weeks solid, taking my doses at the bedside, with the effects milder and milder with every dose.

RSO is a concentrate or oil extracted from the flowers of the cannabis plant, or at least how I make it, but there are several different ways to make it.  The most common recipe I’ve seen it almost the entire plant is ground up, and the oil is extracted with an alcohol-based solvent then boiled off, leaving the oil behind.  Another way is adding CBD plant with the THC creating a 2:1 split.  However, I consider this Cannabis oil.  My approved method of making RSO, from Rick Simpson himself, is to use the flowers only.  This method makes potent RSO Oil.  The RSO oil not only helps to heal the body but also allows your body to rest and sleep.  Rest and sleep are vital to this healing method. I did 100 grams of RSO Oil in 33 days, increasing the RSO every two days, and I slept for about a week and a half.  My hubby took the meds to the bedside, waking me up a couple of times a day to take the scheduled dose.  I started to come out of it and wake up feeling a little better with every dose.  If you watch the entire RSO video diary, you can see the physical healing with each video!


$200 Weed Haul From @NaturesMedicine

$200 Weed Haul From @NaturesMedicine

Nature’s Medicine is a great dispensary to be close to when I’m broke for 2 reasons:
The first reason is pricing, they have some of the best prices for concentrate and flower, and when they have concentrate, they did run out recently; they are usually priced at $20 per gram.  The second is the dispensary itself, beautiful with large displays in this grand room.  If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it.  In this grand room, the registers (about 3 per wall) and run along the inside perimeter of the room.  The largest part of the room has different-sized large lite-up displays, highlighting the products they sell and large beautiful pieces of wood in the center of a few of the displays. I’m not sure what type of wood, but it looks like they are sandblasted (I’ve asked what kind of wood it is, and no one knows), but I digress.  The dispensary is beautiful.

In this weed haul, I picked up 10 grams of shatter
Fruit Stax Shatter                                    Papaya Cake Shatter               Apollo Haze Shatter
Orange Juice Shatter                              Animal Face Shatter                Cherry Cindy Shatter
Tangerine Biscotti Sundae Shatter          13 Wheeler Shatter                  Waterslide Shatter
Fruit Stax Shatter

This should last us 2 weeks. The product total was $200.00, and the MMJ state tax charged was $18.40.

$400 Weed Haul Video from Nature’s Best and Ponderosa Relief

$400 Weed Haul Video from Nature’s Best and Ponderosa Relief

Weed Haul from both Nature’s Medicine and Ponderosa relief dispensaries because the lab that Nature’s Medicine’s concentrates are made out of allegedly blew up.  I do not have any details for you guys at this moment, but I will research further.

1g Topanga OG
2g Sophies Punch
1g Purple Punch
2g Joel’s Lemonade
1g High School Sweethearts
2g Platinum Dosi
1g Kush Mints
1 g Tropical Heat
1g Canamo CBD Isolate

Nature’s Medicine

½ ounce Trophy Wife Flower from Nature’s Medicine

Today’s Medical Cringe story comes from my younger, I was in my early 20’s, and I had had to have a DNC because of a miscarriage, and I was lying on the bed my mother, my husband at the time, the doctor, and 2 nurses, standing around me like I was being sacrificed.  As the doctor was going over the scan reports and setting up surgery for endometriosis and as we were talking, I had to stop one of the nurses from playing with my belly button, or “bligger” as I call it, and I don’t mean a little tickle, I mean a full-on digging inside of my belly button like she was digging for gold.  I nicely stopped everything in the room and asked what the hell, to her very “oh Shit” reaction pulling completely away from me and the table very apologetically.  It was all cool, and we had a very long uncomfortable laugh in the room, and you could see the pure embarrassment on that poor nurse’s face.  I did end up having a complete hysterectomy because of cancer when I was 26 years old. Even after 22 years, I find this story one of the cutest things I always remember: this poor women’s face of pure sweetness, nurturing, caring, concern, and love. At that moment, I understood what a good mom looked like, and my mom was actually there.

I’ve spent 4 weeks in the hospital in 2020 alone, more than I have any other time in my life. I can still remember the sweet young nurse I only met 1 time in my life. I can still hear her apologizing for getting the lint out of my belly button, and yes, as cringy as I would call it today, she was doing it subconsciously. After surgery, I found out she went back home to take care of a parent who had a stroke.  I think of her from time to time when I am dealing with doctors and nurses that don’t “feel” their patients’ needs.

As a patient in a hospital, it is hard today in 2020 and 2021, and I do not see a lot of hope for change; with this global pandemic, there are a lot of rules that have been implemented to help protect the patients from direct contact, social distancing, immunizations, masks or face diapers…you choose, no visitors, everything is virtual except their illnesses.  Even most of the activities, volunteers, service animals, and being able to “borrow books,” computers or tech is not lent out right now, and places like Ronald McDonald House that operates in one of the local Tucson Hospitals haven’t been open since February 2020, walking around the halls on most floors have been prohibited unless you are accompanied by a nurse or a tech, the elbow bump…do I really need to explain?

I again am not writing this series of vlogs/blogs not to hate on the medical industry; that could not be further from the truth. I am writing this series because I think it’s past time for a serious conversation.  Our medical system is broken, our hospital rules aren’t protecting the patient in many cases, and the Hippocratic oath, in my opinion, lost its meaning. I’ve watched it not only break me as a patient, but I’ve watched so many of you guys going through the same thing I am, literally breaking the patient so bad they stop eating, drinking, talking, sleeping, we have literally laid in the hospital bed staring at the walls no tv, no external stimulation even in a few of my cases patient refused pain meds.

This channel gives tips on the uses of medical marijuana how it affects most people and me. Medical Marijuana was scary for me at first, so I scoured YouTube for an educational channel about the effects of cannabis. All I could find was people smoking it and having a good time. Still, no real information about each plant’s facts, I figured I wasn’t the only one that was curious, and Free My Cure was born. If you have a strain, edible, or any other cannabis-related idea and you want me to make a video about it, please feel free to email me at Most questions can be answered on my website at Disclaimer:

This channel is for Cannabis patients and adults; all opinions expressed during the show are just that, my opinion. Thanks! Final thoughts: Being a YouTube comes with certain responsibilities, and on this channel, I will always be 100% with you. I love what I do and love that you guys come to see me every day and offer encouragement, love, and support, and I can’t thank you guys enough!!! Please note this channel is for Cannabis Patients and Adults. It’s not intended for minors or illegal Marijuana consumption. Please always consult a Dr. if you have any questions or concerns. Medical Marijuana can affect people differently, causing some paranoia and or anxiety; if it becomes overbearing, using a little CBD will help calm those adverse effects and return you to a more comfortable state. A few people have asked an excellent question “Where do we find you if COPPA affects your channel?” So I decided to post all of my social media links below:

WEBSITE: YOUTUBE:… Instagram: Snapchat: Free My Cure FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PATREON: P.O. Box 40, Wittmann Arizona 85361, and P.O. Box 1880 Florence Arizona 85132



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