Cindy’s gift Review, New Intro & End Screens #Nature’sMedicine & Nicola

Cindy’s gift Review, New Intro & End Screens #Nature’sMedicine & Nicola

Cindy's giftCindy’s Gift is a 70/30 Sativa hybrid. Her parent strains are Cinderella 99 and Nina Limone and has a 30% THC Level. I purchased it from Natures Medicine in Glendale. I personally love the layout of this dispensary. As you enter the building, you are greeted with a small waiting room, a registers wall, and a dreamy aroma. As you enter the back end of this dispensary, it’s a large open room with registers circling the outside ring of the large ballroom. They recently changed their decor, removing the wood centerpieces I’ve loved since I first walked in, and it has a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Cindy's gift

Cindy’s Gift effects are energizing, euphoria, focus, motivation, and uplifting. Medicinally to treat; depression, fatigue, motivation, uplifting, bipolar, and weight loss. Cindy’s Gift bud with its mouthwatering taste and aroma. You’ll feel a rush of uplifted energy that fills your mind with a deep sense of focus and motivation. You’ll feel creative and ready for what life has to throw at you. Today I decided to open the package on video so you can see exactly what I see.

As you can see, this is not a stable shatter. It has some crumbling around the side of the packaging. The concentrate has some discoloration throughout the pro. I find it almost mesmerizing with the depth of the shine and sparkle; however, it makes you question what is in the concentrate and if it’s over or under-processed This particular gram of concentrate was chilling in the refrigerator. Now that I’m opening it, sticky sticks to both sides of the plastic, so we are going to scrape it off and put it in a dab container so we can taste it. As I was editing this review, I was surprised that it took almost ten whole minutes to prep the product in order to review it. Most of this time is spent off camera when I open the containers; however, it shouldn’t take nearly that long, and look at the amount of concentrate left behind as a complete waste.  **As a side note, I contacted Nature’s Medicine and let them know this was what was going on with their product, and they were extremely apologetic. The dispensary explained they had a packaging crew and the dispensary would let them know, and then they gave us a couple of grams of concentrate to make up for the lost products. I add this information to my reviews to better serve the patient and dispensary better.

Cindy's giftOverall this was a great tasting concentrate. The effects were fire, and I was able to actually sit and watch a whole movie this morning which never happens. I always put a movie in and then end up cleaning and using it as background noise, but today I watched the entire “Escape Room” movie, and it was good. I highly recommend it, and I believe there is a part 2 I’ll definitely be looking up later.   Nature’s Medicine, thank you for the wonderful concentrates and the wonderful conversation we had over the phone today. You guys are amazing, and I appreciate you!



Mango Pineapple Shatter Weed Review From Natures Medicine and Nicola

Mango Pineapple Shatter Weed Review From Natures Medicine and Nicola

mango pineappleMango Pineapple Shatter from Nature’s Medicine in Glendale, Arizona. Nature’s Medicine has been making some exciting advances with terpenes as their concentrates and flowers have started coming alive with flavor. Wanted to say I See You! T  excellent job now. Wi h that being said let’s talk about Mando Pineapple shatter.

Mango Pineapple strain is a 70/30 indica hybrid. His parent strains, I believe, are Pineapple and Master Kush. She has a 17-19% THC level. Mango Pineapple is a beautiful mix of taste and effects. This beauty will hit you in both the mind and body with a high potency level. A few minutes after your last exhale, you will be on cloud 9 with a lifted euphoria and calm she brings. Be pre red for nap time or Netflix and relaxation as mango pineapple fades in. This st in is a creeper, meaning you won’t feel her creep up on you. She will just be there waiting. All this information is conditional. I couldn’t find the actual strain of Mango Pineapple, so I wrote this one up purely on the information I have been able to gather so far.

Mango Pineapples’ effects are body-high calming cerebral, euphoria, happiness, relaxation, tingly, and uplifted. Medicinally treat cramps, depression, headaches, migraines, muscle spasms, PTSD, and stress. I was able to compile these effects and medicinal purposes from how I felt and what others have said. So this is my Opinion.

I swear I’m not trying to keep showing and talking about stable shatter, but we’ve had several unstable shatters lately, and this isn’t as big of a problem, but the packaging doesn’t work in these cases. We need to put the appropriate product in the proper containers. If it’s supposed to be a shatter, but it’s grainy or sticky, don’t put it on these plastic sheets. Change the containers so patients can use all of the Medicine they are purchasing….just saying. I don’t mean to single any dispensary or cultivator out; however, this has actually been a thing, and it doesn’t need to be a thing. I have talked to nature’s Medicine. They are aware of the issue and were extremely friendly about it, which I appreciate…Please don’t blackball us.

mango pineappleAs I’m editing the video, I see and hear just how tired I am, and this dab was needed. I was losing my words a bit more than usual, and it happens when I’m tired or sick. I ended up having to take my floater meds, and I haven’t had to in a while.

Cacti are definitely different than other plants and very fascinating to me. After the cactus blossoms we talked about last week, and I was able to harvest seeds from the “old Man” cactus, saguaro cactus, Prickly pear, and Jumping cactus. I’ll save the seeds for my farm hopefully in the near future.

Manic Monday w/ Free My Cure & Nicola Dickens Episode 7 #MentalHealth

Manic Monday w/ Free My Cure & Nicola Dickens Episode 7 #MentalHealth

anxiety 7I had my scan a few days ago and it was really cool.  The doctor put a small camera in my stoma and followed the bag (in my body) to check for any damage, cysts, bleeding, or any number of things that can happen.  With the camera going you could see the one-way valves leading into the pouch.  The pouch was cool, as the camera glided through I could see these little finger-type things moving with the flow of urin.  I have to go back soon and meet with the surgeon because now having bladder infections every month could cause damage to my kidney and then it’s game over.

Today we are working on our anti-anxiety workbook part 7.   We are starting with 2 coloring pages, “Sometimes I win Sometimes I learn” and “It takes a lifetime to learn how to live”.

My Mantra: I am calm and centered. I work hard and I am worthy.  I will make my dreams a reality. No one can stand in my way or hold me back.  I even incorporated my jewelry with my Montra.  I have rings that say “keep Fucking going”, “I am loved”, and Never Fucking Give up.  Remember when making your own mantra always use strong positive words that have meaning to you. always use the present tense. always write in the first person so as to make it personal and in the present time.

Time to Worry
This exercise is tough and will be a challenge. Only allow yourself about 15 minutes of worry time and then you put it aside and start something new to help transition back into a more comfortable state of mind. My personal problem is if I’m worrying I have a hard time letting it go.  It just hangs around looking for the next moment to steal or I just can’t turn it off.  The book does state you can do this multiple times throughout the day but I recommend not having the same worry over and over each day.

I do a form of this technique.  I have severe anxiety when it comes to checking my bank account.  In the past, I never had much money and always had to budget tight.  Knowing my spouse at that time was pissed if I didn’t have enough money for whatever he wanted to do and I would pay the price if he couldn’t.  It’s been 10 years since our divorce and I have gotten myself down to about them minutes before I have to check the account I’ll focus my whole brain on the anxiety and then I stop myself and log onto our bank account.  It also helps that he and I are finished and my husband now tries to make the anxiety easier and appreciate and love him so much for that.

A couple more inspirational coloring pages.  “Be a  warrior, not a worrier.” and “Create your own calm.”

In this exercise were supposed to use our senses and create a beautiful paradise including; what you can hear, taste, smell, or feel.  Are there any animals or people in your paradise?  Does this place calm or disrupt you?  In my paradise, We are on a 120-acre farm with our trailer in the middle of the property.  We would clear about 4acres to build 2 greenhouses, a barn, and 5 50amp RV power stations, with water and sewage. The entire inner square would be surrounded by pine trees, cottonwoods, and maple trees. The inner square would be completely walled in with several different cacti around.  I will be tending the farm and animals. plant a full organic vegetable garden and cannabis garden.  On my farm, I would have chickens, pigs, and goats along with the dogs Raffey and Tigger.



Chocolate Thai Weed Review with Free My Cure and Nicola Dickens

Chocolate Thai Weed Review with Free My Cure and Nicola Dickens

chocolate thaiChocolate Thai is formally known as “Thai Sticks.”  This delicious beauty is a favorite around the world. She is said to be super tingling and having arousing effects. The high has a slow build-up and will come out of nowhere with a lifted sense of euphoria. You will find yourself loosening up and feeling happy, motivated, and creative, focusing on mental tasks and conversations. A physical relaxation with a heady lift keeps you focused as your mind flies high into giddy creativity that will have your mind flying into a crazy day.

Chocolate Thai’s effects are, Aroused, creative, euphoria focus, happiness, hungry, and uplifted. Medicinally to treat anxiety, appetite loss, depression, insomnia, nausea, and stress. Chocolate Thai tastes are sweet, chocolatey, earthy, spicy, woody, and nutty.

Overall the product is good, it has a nice flavor, and I can’t quite put my finger on the after-taste but nice. The color is good; there appears to be some crumble mixed in this product, and that’s ok. The shatter I call a sugar wax, a stable shatter should be solid, and if you drop it on the table, it will shatter. This concentrate is just gooey and sticks to the plastic sheet, losing up to half of the product to the plastic sheet gods. I’m playing, but I hope you understand that containers should be appropriate for the product, and in this case, it’s the wrong container for this product, no offense.

Prickly Pear CactusToday I decided to share the dessert with you. I live in Arizona, and the desert is alive with beautiful cactus flowers every May and June. Today I have a prickly pear leaf that was cut off a giant prickly pear cactus. I re-cut the original cut and put it in a planter with some good soil, and a month later, you can see where she is growing new leaves. It was that simple, water every day, and you’re on your way to wowing your friends. I also have a couple of flowers and the fruit off the prickly pear, and as you can see, there is an alow vera type substance that is secreted; this is like a super thrive for your plants; they will love it.

Next, I have the Saguaro flowers. Saguaros are a protected plant, and if caught cutting one down, they will fine you up to $10,000; finding them fallen in the desert is a common occurrence; I even have a few skeletons in the storage unit. Saguaro cactus also bloom in May and June, and they are beautiful. They are so beautiful that Arizona Highways does a full spread on them every year called a desert in bloom.

cactus FlowersWe have the “Old Man” Cactus is really cool and stands out because of the cactus needles that appear to be hairy or fuzzy all the way to the flower.    It has a pink blossom that blooms only at night.

The Jumping cactus is really unique. Jumping Cactus or Cholla Fruit Cholla flowers have small hot pink flowers on the cactus fruit. The fruit on this cactus has fruit, yes, fruit on fruit. However, the fruit doesn’t ever ripen just grows more fruit the following season. I don’t know any other fruit that has this superpower.


The giant Dragon lily isn’t a cactus; it’s a bulb. It has a sweet vanilla-type aroma and blooms in a pod that generally holds four flowers. The blooms usually are large, about the size of a small exercise ball.

Giant Dragon LilyAs I’m learning new cultivating skills, I’m surprised at how cacti grow and how they can help other plants heal, transplant, and maintain a healthy soil and water base. Cacti are not only great for other plants but for you as well. They have the ability to save lives from products or medication that use a cacti base to give a person much-needed hydration; when you’re lost in the desert, just be careful of those needles they bite. The only thing I’m missing in my garden right now is Aloe Vera, but I plan on fixing that issue soon.

As a side note this is my first youtube video that has the new intro and outro so let me know what you guys think in the comments below.


Sour Runtz Weed Review from Nature’s Medicine by Nicola

Sour Runtz Weed Review from Nature’s Medicine by Nicola

Sour RuntzSour Runtz strain is a 50/50 weed strain from Nature’s Medicine.  She’s bred from Zkittles X Gelato strains with an average of 19-29% THC.  This beautiful gram is from Nature’s medicine in Glendale off of grand avenue.  Sour Runtz strain has a sweet, woody, and tropical pineapple.  I consider this more of a snap and pull; however, other factors may prevent it from being a little more solid. Remember, shatter is supposed to shatter; that’s why it is named shatter.  However, it tastes and looks great, and I believe the plastic sheet is an appropriate container considering we were able to remove all of the product off the plastic sheet.

Named after the iconic candy.  Runtz high comes barreling down on you a few minutes after you smoke as the high starts to take hold.  Starting in your head with calming lift just before you get those tingling goosebumps throughout your body, leaving you sedated and couch-locked.  The effects of sour Runtz are calming, Hungary, relaxing, sleepy, and uplifted.  Medicinally to treat Anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, stress, and depression.

I was notified by youtube a couple of weeks ago that we now have super chats and stickers…What exactly does that mean? I have no idea, but I’m going to pull out my Youtube for dummies book and find out.  Please help me out and put it in the comments below if any of you know.  I also had an odd thing happen to me the other day.  This guy came up to our trailer steps and the front door and was kind of looking in, but the longer I watched him, I think he might have just been fixing his hair.  He didn’t mess with anything, and he wasn’t looking hard to see through the window because I was right there, and he didn’t appear to have seen me.  Moving around these RV Resorts here in Arizona, I dod A LOT of people watching, and they have some odd behaviors. Maybe I will have a storytime. If you’re interested, let me know in the comments below.

AS I’m editing this video, I’m watching the background.  A lady on a quad with her dog standing on the back.  She’s going to take care of her horse.  We’re staying at an RV Resort that has stables for their horses.  When I get really stressed out, I go down to the stables and talk to the horses, which helps me immensely.

On a side note, Nature’s medicine, Glendale dispensary recently re-did their parking lot, and it’s a lot more convenient for patients, and I appreciate you.

Allgreen’s Dispensary $200 weed Haul with Nicola Dickens #Freetheleaf

Allgreen’s Dispensary $200 weed Haul with Nicola Dickens #Freetheleaf

allgreens weed haulWe’ve been staying at an RV Resort in Sun City and let me tell you if they had a grocery store I would have no need to leave the park ever. This place is insane they have a full library with computers, a woodshop, a jewelry shop so you can make jewelry, and ceramics, a heated pool open all night, laundry open all night with large washers, church, music, and concerts during the evening, and so much more. I will be going back when I’m feeling better because I didn’t get the chance to roam free.

Weed Strains 1. Pineapple Express 2. Princess Butter Haze 3. Blue OG 4. Critical Mass Flower 5. Gorilla Glue 6. Wookies OG 7. Berry Banana 8. Grape Gelato 9. Cheese Skittles 10. G-13 11. Lemon Jack 12. Jack Herer

A short story I recently had a kidney infection that sent me to the emergency room and one of the first questions the nurse asked me was about my allergies and I told her, she asked me if I had been vaccinated and I said no, her reply did you want it and again I said NO. The nurse gave me a horrible look of disapproval like I was lying and said check my records I can’t take the flu or pneumonia shot either because of a preservative they use and I’ll be damned if the nurse didn’t ask how allergic I was and my reply was how allergic do I need to be? I’m sorry but this insanity needs to end the medical field is essentially here for us, to heal us or help us pass with dignity and everything in between. So Medical professionals and administrations DO BETTER!!


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