$160 Weed Haul From @GreenHillsPatientCenter in Show Lo Arizona

$160 Weed Haul From @GreenHillsPatientCenter in Show Lo Arizona

The newest dispensary reviewed Green Hills Patient Center in Show Low Arizona www.greenhillspatientcenter.com.

Today’s review is quality over quantity.  I normally pick up a strain or two for review at every dispensary; however, this deal made the most sense.  I purchased the High Grade mini slab for $110.00 and then received the gram of Drip for free, and the Red22 was $60.00.  I thought this was a good deal, and then they gave an additional 10% off the order bringing my total savings to be about $75.  This weed haul lasted my husband and me about 5 days, and because of the new patient specials, we were able to treat ourselves. Still, I have to pose the question does higher quality Cannabis lasts longer than lower quality cannabis.

Up to this point, my husband and I know that 12 grams of concentrate last us roughly 2 weeks.  With the High Grade and the Drip concentrates, ,I’m getting 4.5 grams of concentrate every 5 days, so making the same 12 that I’m using would cost me about $415 in a 2 week period.  Now we can sacrifice taste, gain carcinogens  lower and fuels, quality, and purchase $15-20 concentrates.  Purchasing $15-20 grams of shatter means I spend $200-230 every 2 weeks instead of $415, and that is still too expensive for most and sometimes me.  We live in a budgeting world where unemployment rates are still high, and most are trying to get by because of this “pandemic.”  I’ve watched the patient specials drop off the planet and the prices soar. I’ve watched people count their change and pay with rare $2 bills so that they can get relief from their symptoms, and I would like to see that change a little.

Historically sick people are also broke people.  I’ve watched cancer patients stay in chemo because “they didn’t have to pay for it,” and that’s hard for me to swallow.  4 years ago, I was given the opportunity to use RSO to cure my cancer, and I like so many though ya right it can’t be that easy, it was, and now medical marijuana is making its slow re-entry into the medical field.  Medical Marijuana doesn’t cure all cancers, but it does cure the symptoms of chemo, and for that reason alone, I would love to see insurance companies and Doctors embrace MMJ and work together for their patients.

3.5      Grams           Dr. Who Mini Slab Shatter from @HighGradeConcentrates
1         Gram             Cherry Pie Batter by @Drip
3.5      Grams           Shred 22 Flower by @RED22


$200 Weed Haul From @NaturesMedicine

$200 Weed Haul From @NaturesMedicine

Nature’s Medicine is a great dispensary to be close to when I’m broke for 2 reasons:
The first reason is pricing, they have some of the best prices for concentrate and flower, and when they have concentrate, they did run out recently; they are usually priced at $20 per gram.  The second is the dispensary itself, beautiful with large displays in this grand room.  If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it.  In this grand room, the registers (about 3 per wall) and run along the inside perimeter of the room.  The largest part of the room has different-sized large lite-up displays, highlighting the products they sell and large beautiful pieces of wood in the center of a few of the displays. I’m not sure what type of wood, but it looks like they are sandblasted (I’ve asked what kind of wood it is, and no one knows), but I digress.  The dispensary is beautiful.

In this weed haul, I picked up 10 grams of shatter
Fruit Stax Shatter                                    Papaya Cake Shatter               Apollo Haze Shatter
Orange Juice Shatter                              Animal Face Shatter                Cherry Cindy Shatter
Tangerine Biscotti Sundae Shatter          13 Wheeler Shatter                  Waterslide Shatter
Fruit Stax Shatter

This should last us 2 weeks. The product total was $200.00, and the MMJ state tax charged was $18.40.

MK Ultra Strain Review From @Curaleaf With Nicola

MK Ultra Strain Review From @Curaleaf With Nicola

MK Ultra Strain is a 70/30 Indica Hybrid with a THC level of about 18% and a CBD level of 1%.  This Strain we picked up at Cura Leaf, but Baseline Flower was the cultivator.  This MK Ultra is a medium gold color, sticky crumble that tastes as beautiful as she looks, and I had some beautiful pictures of the crumble. In true fashion, we had technical difficulties, and I can’t find them saddly because it really was beautiful.  MK Ultra was bred from G-13 and OG Kush, passing on the flavors of Pine, Sweet, woody with a hint of sour citrus undertones.  Mk Ultra is surprisingly a hard hitter with an odd after flavor of potatoes which is a common flavor for most OG. But when it comes to insomnia or pain management, this is a perfect strain for you.  It helps me.

MK Ultra effects are euphoria, happy, relaxing, calm, and tingly.  Mk Ultra will help Medicinally with arthritis, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, gastrointestinal disorder, insomnia, nausea, PTSD, and stress. This is one of those strains that are perfect for Crone’s disease or ulcerative colitis, and if you eat the flower raw, it is jammed packed with medicinal greatness…you will thank me.  I always try some of the raw flowers to get an idea of what’s in it and how clean I suspect the flower to be.

Baseline Flower’s branding is simple but effective; I like it.  The price point was great. I believe it was about $20 a gram, and that is more affordable than other prices I’ve seen, not to mention the deals since Covid started have died off. We really need them back for maybe The 4th of July to help boost morale and maybe offer a little extra Patient Appreciation.  2020 was a rough year for all of us, with soaring depression and anxiety rates, a rise in domestic violence, a rise in violence, a rise in suicide, and I’m happy to say I wasn’t one of those numbers; however, I did lose my shit for a minute and spent to much time with my demons listening to their sweet lies.

This strain is a great strain to help me with the pain, sleep, eating, and creativity.  I can basically smoke this all day and be very productive; however, I can smoke Indicas all day and only get couch lock when I allow myself to slow down.  Like this morning, I did 3 dabs of this throughout the morning and cleaned my entire home, cooked dinner, wrote some shit, and never really slowed down until my husband got home. Then I kicked back with him and started watching a show, and I dozed off, but it was a very active day for me, and I’m still not healed from the bladder surgery, and I’m nowhere near where I was.

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Purple Sunset Crumble Weed Review From @curaleaf

Purple Sunset Crumble Weed Review From @curaleaf

Purple Sunset shatter Strain Review from @Curaleaf.  Purple Sunset is a 60/40 Indica hybrid that usually has a 22% THC level.   This is a very stable crumble, light golden yellow; there is a slight herbal scent in the packaging, and it’s rather Citrus sweet citrus, fruity taste with a spice that can leave a burn in the back of your throat.    Purple Sunset has a sweet, fruity, herbally, and citrus aroma.  Purple sunset was created using Iconic Purple Punch and mandarine Sunset strains culminating in a flavor-packed potent punch of tasty flavors and delicious full-bodied effects that are perfect for relaxing after a hard day.  You’ll feel a lifted creative flood of your mind at the onset accompanied by a sense of physical relaxation and calmness.

The Effects of Purple Sunset are calming, creative, Hungary, relaxing, uplifting.  Medicinally to treat ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Appetite loss, depression, mood swings, stress, and nausea.  When it comes to the consumption portion of cannabis, a good rule of thumb is Indica dominant strains tend to make most people hungry, and Sativa strains tend to be an appetite suppressant.  Also, with any major anxiety, start with an indica leaning hybrid and ease into Sativa as your comfortable.  Some people don’t have any issues and can smoke either without having their anxiety triggered. I’m not so lucky Indicas help my anxiety, and sativas make me jittery, animated, and I’m not too fond of the feeling.  If you are looking for a scholarly site that has been essential in educating me, allbud.com will soon become an essential site for many.

This strain has made me a bit chattier, I’m able to find my words, and it flows pretty well.  Some strains make me retreat into my head; I find I write more, daydream, and hubby hates it.  He’s always asking what’s up, and it’s really not anything. I’m just writing a story in my head.  All of my writings start in my head for several days. If I sit down to write, I will stare at the page, so I’ve learned to play with the story until I hit what I call the sweet beginning. Once I have that sweet beginning, the words flow through my fingertips, unable to do really anything else until I get that rough copy on the page.

I use Medical Marijuana every day to help me control some of my pain, nausea, anxieties, and fears.  I can’t imagine life today without Medical Marijuana; it’s a part of my every day, from basic skills like eating to being able to do some of my exercises from the Bladder Augmentation, managing my demons, PTSD, Anxiety, and generally keeping mood swings chained up for everyone’s protection. At the same time, the creativity aspect with Medical Marijuana ensures my demons a new and creative way to keep me on my toes.  How do you control those demons?

AK-1995 by MPX Weed Strain Review and How Nicola Picks the Strains for the Week

AK-1995 by MPX Weed Strain Review and How Nicola Picks the Strains for the Week

I’m not sure why I haven’t ever made a video on picking out my strain and what criteria I look at.

I am reviewing AK-1995 from MPX Concentrates. AK-1995 was bred from  Afghani #1 and the Hindu Kush.  She is a 60 / 40 Indica hybrid with a THC Level between 14-16%.  This is a really pretty golden brown concentrate. It’s stable, but if she sits out for too long, she gets super sticky.  AK-1998 has a short euphoria period followed by “heavy couch-lock”   Novice smokers, be warned, the strains that don’t contain any CBD will catch up to you pretty quick, CBD sobers you up, and THC is the psychoactive and medicinal parts of the plant.

The effects are euphoria, giggly, relaxing, sociable, and uplifting.  Medicinally to help treat appetite loss, depression, fatigue, mood swings, nausea, and anxiety.  This concentrate was a treat with, bold herbally sweet citrus taste.  The high is almost instantly starting in my throat with a slight swelling feeling followed quickly by the burn in my throat. Still, it only lasts a short time, causing me to re-medicate about every 20 minutes or so, but I’m also battling another kidney infection.

When I first smoked this strain, it motivated me creatively for short spurts at a time.  I Listening to music every morning for about 2 hours while I set up for videos, weed review, and cleaning to help get me motivated, warms up my brain for use,  get into a fun, happy mood, no matter what’s going on. I noticed if I smoked every 20 minutes (micro-dosing), I’m able to ride the euphoria for about 2 hours when I’m just comfortably medicated.

Picking out my Medical Marijuana;

I have 6 rules of thumb when picking out your next Medical Marijuana Strain;
1.  Cultivator – crazy, but yes, checking out the cultivators and their growing protocols.  What are they feeding the plant, are they flushing the plant well, what pesticides or organic bug repellant are they using.  All of these should be considered when picking out Medical Marijuana strains.  Are they inside grow or outside grow?   Are they actually organic?
As an example of this, I won’t buy cannabis from Arizona Organix, and the biggest reason is I’m afraid I have to disagree with their growing protocols and what they are using to feed their plants.  I don’t see the transparency.  I have not been to this dispensary or purchased their products in over a year, and things change   2.  Name of the Strain – If the strain name isn’t researchable (google doesn’t give you anything), the strain name has more than likely been changed by either the grow site or the dispensary.  This is a big No-No for me if the strain name is changed, patients can’t look up what they are using (for example, it’s 9 pm, and I have to up at 3 AM, so I’m going to smoke what I think is an Indica Flower to help me sleep but because someone changed the name it has been falsely categorized as an indica when it’s really a Sativa and now I’m laying in bed with my mind running a mile a minute…Not Cool!
3.  The THC level, what is the actual THC level? is there any CBD? If yes, how much because this will lower the psychoactive effect.  Example AK-1995 has a THC level of  14-16%, but she doesn’t have any CBD, so let’s say it had 2% CBD; each CDB level equals 2 THC percentages.  2 +2=4. So AK-47 is 15% THC minus 4 CBD dropping the psychoactive THC “that gets you high” has now dropped to 11%.  The only other things that I can think of that would drop those numbers are; how it’s grown, harvested on time, not too early, not too late, and packaged correctly.
4.  Colors- This one is getting harder to accomplish because everything is moving towards prepackaged flower with packaging completely covered to keep light out
5.  Smell – This one is as well getting harder to accomplish with the presorted flower.
6.  Indica, Sativa, or hybrid – We all have strains and breeds that I have to buy if I see them at a dispensary.  For me, it’s Indica’s, and for my husband, it’s Sativas. That being said, 90% of cannabis grown in Arizona Are hybrids that lean either towards Indica or Sativa.  Purebred strains are harder to grow. In the last 10 years, cultivators have been breeding CBD and making it easier to grow with super high THC levels.

My final thoughts, most of the time that I go to a dispensary, there are no issues.  I will look up the dispensaries that I want to go to on Leafly or their website and research the strains before I ever leave the house.  If you’re at the dispensary following, you can always use the dispensaries classifications (Sativa, Indica, hybrid), but don’t depend on that.

Harvest of Peoria $300 Weed Haul

Harvest of Peoria $300 Weed Haul

Harvest Of Peoria is a cute little dispensary off Peoria and Peoria Avenue.  The waiting area is well lit, indoor waiting area, recreational and Medicinal cannabis, nice, knowledgeable staff, and inviting.  Harvest of Peoria is tied into the other Harvest stores, making them, and their records are now shared, including accumulated points, and I love that.  I can now go to any Harvest dispensary across Arizona, and my points are still usable at them all.

While at Harvest, The Bud Tender was telling me about the THC levels in each strain, and she was surprised when I said I don’t really look at the THC level, she was very interested in what I do go by, and it dawned on me I’ve never told this part of my review process so the next review I upload I will break it down for you guys. As other criteria present themselves, they will be considered.    I hope you have a great day, and I’ll catch ya on the flip side.

Venom Extracts:

Northern Lights                          Candy Store                     Head Gasket                    Fruit Punch
Animal Face                               Honey & Banana              Rasberry Widow               Skull Cap
Peppermint Agave                      Cherry Lime Pop


Abundant Organics         Chewbacca                            3.5 gram
Harvest                           Marshmallow OG                    3.5 gram

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