Weed-haul From Natures Medicine & GenX Concentrates #freemycure #azmmj

Weed-haul From Natures Medicine & GenX Concentrates #freemycure #azmmj

Nature’s Medicine Small Midweek Weed Haul. I have been buying this bulk deal because we are trying to save money. With the rate of inflation, we will never get ahead, and it’s frustrating. I still have a complete my studio, brakes, and oil change; OMG, will we ever recover from this BS?

Orange Chem
layer cake
Two jagger Batter
2 Agent Orange Sugar wax
Dillenger Batter
Sunny D Sugar Wax
Sweet Amnesia Orange Sugar Wax
Layer Cake Sugar Wax
Princess Haze Flower

The deal we received under natures medicine was $153.30. I believe it was $10.00 a gram. I love getting those excellent deals!!

Nature’s Medicine 

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Self-Love Workbook for Women with Nicola Dickens and Nicola Dickens

Self-Love Workbook for Women with Nicola Dickens and Nicola Dickens

“Practicing self-love means learning how to trust ourselves with respect and be kind and affectionate to ourselves.” Brene Brown

Introduction As a woman caring for so many people and things at a time, The one thing we can all agree on, even when we can agree on what a woman is, is that men and women are different. Process grief, stress, anxiety, and fears are just as different on many levels. And as such, we experience the world differently to a point. So, if you are like me and run busy schedules, I have decided to split this workbook into chapters where you can play, pause, and do the exercises with as much clarity as possible for the best possible effects. I wish you luck on this journey, and I’m so happy you joined me to a better, healthier YOU!!.  Mad Love Nicola Dickens

“Women Need real moments of solitude and self-reflection to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.” Barbra De Angelis

Book Introduction
Embrace who you are with this guided self-love workbook for women

Discover how much there is to love about yourself using this practical workbook for women of all ages. You’ll embark on your journey of self-discovery by learning self-love and immersing yourself in exercises to help you build your self-esteem and improve your relationships.

What sets this self-care journal and workbook apart from other self-love workbooks for women:

  • Proven techniques—Fall in love with yourself using a variety of compassionate exercises rooted in mindfulness and positive psychology.
  • Inspiring prompts and motivating activities—Explore all that you are with quizzes and journaling exercises that will help you tap into your emotions and let go of limiting beliefs. Includes writing space for reflection and introspection.
  • Empowering affirmations—Boost your positivity and nurture yourself using the uplifting affirmations interspersed throughout the book.


Create a life filled with purpose and greater self-love using the Self-Love Workbook for Women.

Part One Let’s Talk about Self-love Before beginning a new journey, you must always require a starting point and an end goal. So let’s lay a foundation and create your road map.

The Lowdown on self-love “And I would find myself again. Not the same version of me that I was looking for, but a stronger version but a wiser who knew that she was enough, just as she was. A woman who had been tried in the fire came out gold instead of being burnt by it. A woman who finally, after doubting and questioning and striving and hustling for her worth years…Finally, Finally realized that she was and is and always has been…ENOUGH

What is self-love Believing that you are worth it, deserve it,  and needs it to survive?

What self-love isn’t a lot of things; however, to make it a little easier if you are always in your head, apologizing for the present, future, and past self, you probably need this book as much as I do. You could probably use this book if you can’t see what you want for your future and focus on strengths and weaknesses. Oddly even being overconfident isn’t great either.   Beating yourself always and at every step is harmful to women.

Why do we struggle to love ourselves? Stems from our need to take care of everyone around her. Women naturally, from the beginning, are nurturers, from caring for family and friends to child rearing and caring for their men. Cooking, cleaning, and raising the children. These women’s internal conflict with a strong inner voice constantly beats them up.

Where does a lack of self-love show up for you? I have a lot of self-loathing, so my lack of it is huge. Like many women I’ve talked to, the lack of self-love is all around us, from the internet apps focused on way too much to the critical people you meet out and about and abusive families. I find this a lot in the things I do, and I want to learn how to love myself and try to make my day a little more peaceful on the inside.

Benefits of loving yourself  A kinder, gentle you, More energy for living fully, More love to share with others, Healthier relationships with loved ones, No longer dependent on external measures of success, No longer having negativity around them.

Why women should make self-love a priority Self Love is an essential nutrient in our lives. We cannot nourish ourselves fully by practicing self-care and self-compassion.

Reflect and set your intentions Activity 
Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, think back to what made you buy this book, relax and open your eyes. You can do this as often as needed, helping you hear the good thoughts.

How to start your self-love journey Ready, set, let’s go!  to get ready, you will need to prepare Time, Colored Pens or craft materials, a special place, A ritual, and sensory experience, and An open mind and willingness to be vulnerable.


Challenges you may face along the way? Believing in yourself and hearing past the negative insults my brain throws at me all time.

It won’t happen overnight! Take your time, you may not get it, and in fact, you may not yet, but as we complete this workbook, hang in there. You got this.

How self-love can change your life? Beauty will shine through.

Self-Assessment: Where are you in your self-love journey?    I am at the beginning of this process, and as I advance, I’m hoping for a little inner peace if you are on this journey with me; I not only congratulate you and hope for nothing but the best results for everyone.

Book Information
Self-Love Workbook for Women: Release Self-Doubt, Build Self-Compassion, and Embrace Who You Are (Self-Help Workbooks for Women)
written by  Megan Logan MSW LCSW



250. weed haul from natures medicine

250. weed haul from natures medicine

Today we are working on another weed haul with Natures Medicine in Glendale, AZ.

I have noticed Facebook becoming a place I actually dredd looking at. Each social media platform has an overall community. Facebook’s community tends to be a breeding grown for Kens and Karens and their antics, more times than not, negatively attacking anyone they disagree with and trying to cancel whoever doesn’t unconditionally support them. In saying this, I am really considering deleting my Facebook because our ideals do not align.   Fighting over information, we’re not sure if it is factual.

Like many of you, I watched the Amber Herd and Johnny Depp Trial, and one of the main things I heard is how it’s a loss for women and their rights. However, it wasn’t women that were on trial. It is a victim and their abuser. Victims can be male or female, rich or poor, bosses or employees, and even famous or not famous people can be victims. An abuser is anyone that uses someone else for some personal gain or gratification, leaving the victims torn and broken. And after all the information, tapes, video, and witness statements, Amber herself can’t deny the damage she has caused not only to Johnny Depp but to his loved ones and fans. I stand with Johnny Depp and continue to support him and Amber, claiming victimhood over the acts SHE committed is not only wrong but a slap in the face to all victims out there.

Recently we have seen an issue with Nature’s Medicine and its packaging. They have put all their concentrates in the little plastic pages and the envelopes. The packaging is perfect for a stable shatter; however, they had been putting all their concentrates in these packages making it challenging to use, leaving up to half their product on plastic, ultimately costing the patient more money. I decided to IM the dispensary with a video showing this, and they were terrific. Apologizing and comping us some more concentrate. We returned to Nature’s Medicine, and when I got the product home, the packing issue was corrected, and I really feel like the dispensary heard me and cares for their patients.

Watermelon Gelato Budder
Cotton Candy Sugar Wax
Sweet Rainbow Crumble
Sour Patch Kids Sugar Wax
Sleep paralysis batter
Mad melons Shatter
Peachy Watermelon Budder
Chewbacca Crumble
Death Star Crumble
Boysenberry Gelato Sugar Wax
Sweet Apple Shatter
Pina Colada Shatter

This last us about a 2-week period of time 2 1/2 weeks if we’re lucky. With gas prices the way they have been, it is killing us the same as yall. This crap is ridiculous.

A funny story is my hubby and I have a relationship agreement with the sex section; it’s a verbal agreement that helps us know what the other wants because we both failed the reading of the minds class. One of the first things we agreed on was he didn’t like talking on the phone, and I didn’t like driving, so he does all the driving, and I do the phone calls. This allows us to know what the other wants upfront. Most people hear this and think it’s weird, but this gives us the best chance for his survival. Lol, just kidding. What are our expectations, and are they reasonable?

Lastly, I heard a great way for a husband and wife, especially newlyweds is to keep a husband-wife journal. A journal that you both write in. It can be love notes, problems to fix, catching up with each other day, or anything else you can imagine. You can keep it daily, weekly, or monthly, whatever works for you. If anyone does this, please comment below, letting us know how this works for your family.

Small Weed Haul from All Greens Dispensary with #freemycure and Nicola

Small Weed Haul from All Greens Dispensary with #freemycure and Nicola

I heard the cutest little poem this weekend. I love you; you love me were a happy family with a great big toke and a kiss from me to you, won’t you say you want me too.

Today we are doing a weed haul from All Greens in Sun City, Arizona. I am using this Yocan torch portable enail. I’m unsure if I will ever get the hang of it, back to the propane torch. It has been brought to my attention that some of the information I provide upsets the dispensary or growers, which is not my intention. I am here to educate on this subject, being there really isn’t a lot of information on this subject. I sometimes make mistakes, and if the information I am sharing isn’t correct, I will correct it.

Orange Juice ShatterI picked up some flower at the dispensary and usually pick up a top or middle shelf. So today, I tried sale or bottom shelf flower.   Look at these buds’ size, shape, and weight. She has a very earthy taste, almost like RSO Oil, just a tad weaker.

With the different “shatters”  comparing the different consistency and what I believe they resemble most. Sugar Wax, Shatter, Crumble, budder, and live resign.



Weed Haul:
Luxuriotti Flower
Crumble – a type of cannabis extract that is malleable and falls apart easily.
Shatter – Brittle, glass-like cannabis extract named for its breakability.
Sugar wax – A marijuana concentrate with a full-flavored and slightly grainy texture.
Diamonds – Crystalline structures that develop in a sauce. A cannabis concentrate is known for its glossy runny texture.
Live resign – is a more malleable concentrate, being somewhere between a wax and a  sauce. As well as being ready to use,  you can actually eat it and benefit from the medicinal properties without cooking or smoking.

I will work on a fix for this loud torch.  It’s so loud and takes a bit more time for each smoke, but the main reason is I can’t seem to remember to shut up while using it, and no one can hear me.  And for that, I truly apologize.  I hope each of you are having a beautiful day and, as always, stay medicated.


Weed Haul from Allgreen’s with Nicola Dickens #freemycure

Weed Haul from Allgreen’s with Nicola Dickens #freemycure

It’s always interesting at RV Resorts or Parks. There are some people that really need a class on how to drive an RV or trailer. Being home most of the time, I see so many people and their style of parking. Well, I think it’s parking. Maybe it is a poorly rehearsed dance moves, forward, backward, right, and left. If that’s not quite right, start over and do it again type of number, but I digress.

I have had a hard time with my manic mania, like the dance moves we saw earlier. One day I’m ready to get the day up and running, and sometimes for God only knows why I can’t see my way out of bed. One moment I’m up and being productive, and the next lying in bed wishing I could just fall asleep and pretend the world doesn’t exist.  Mania sucks, especially if it sneaks up on you, and lately, with inflation, I’ve been on pins and needles trying to pay the bills along with fuel.  The fuel prices are stupid high, and it’s not a euphoric comfortable high.  The best I can explain it is like trying to claw my way out of my body; my attention span is low low, All I want to do is sleep so I can stop hating myself.  I always assume people don’t like me and say the wrong things and the wrong time. I can’t speak to strangers; I try to speak to strangers, and it comes out all jumbled and stupid sounding. I forget everything, lose everything, and  I’m basically a 2-year-old who should know what I say and do. However, I don’t, and it’s hard, exhausting, and sometimes more defeating than I can handle.

I swear every time I sit down and do a review, I forget to clean, fill, and charge the E-Nail I apologize, and I will try to stay on top of that. However, the E-Nail makes the video’s so much better, eliminating the sound of the torch, and I love it.  It really cuts down on the noise, but I allow the video to flow a little better and a little shorter video’s as well.

I watched part of a new reefer madness video and caught a youtube video about Candis Owens and her position on Medical Marijuana.  The Reefer Madness lost me fairly quickly, re-enforcing it as a gateway drug, no medicinal qualities, causing addiction, seclusion, uncontrollable crazy fits, Blah Blah Blah.   As far as Candis Ownes stance on Medical Marijuana is that developing brains can be harmed on under-development in children and shouldn’t be used except as a last resort, and the second point is legalizing cannabis seems to be turning into “legalizing everything all drugs in small quantities let the people decide,” and that is a slippery slope to which I agree, but who cares what I think what do you think?  Give us your opinion in the comments below, and let’s start a conversation!!




Today we are working on a weed haul from Allgreens Dispensary in Sun City, Arizona.
God Bud Flower
Berry Banana Butter
Pineapple Express crumble
Doxi Crumble
God’s Gift SugarWax
Ice Cream Cake Shatter
Maple Syrup Butter
AMF OG Diamonds
Alien Rock Candy Sauce
Forum Cookies Live Resign Budder
Dr. Gonzo Diamonds
Batter Berry X DJS Batter


Weed Haul from All Greens Dispensary with #freemycure and Nicola

Weed Haul from All Greens Dispensary with #freemycure and Nicola

Another day another Toke.

I have been a little sporadic, and I’m trying to get through this Mania.  My demons have really been knocking at my door and peering through the windows.  So let’s close the doors and turn up the music but first, what are we smoking this week?  Our e-nail needs to be loaded. I love being able to use it mostly because it is quiet, and it doesn’t blare through the video.

God Bud Flower
Berry Banana Butter
Pineapple Express
Doxie Crumble
God’s Gift  Sugar Wax
Ice Cream Cake Shatter
Maple Sugar Butter
AMF OG Diamonds
Alien Rock Candy Sauce
Dr. Gonzo DIamonds
Forum Cookies Sauce
DeadBerry and BJS Diamonds

Hubby and I have been working on our relationship because I honestly feel that when you stop working on it, it ends.  So, the area we have that needs the most work is communication, and do we need work on that?  We followed some exercises where we both had to describe something or somewhere, and being able to put it into words accurately was harder than I thought, but we were getting there.  Mental health is a difficult journey for most of us, and retraining ourselves is even harder.  I grew up under the “pain will teach you” period, and retraining is difficult with pain as a catalyst.  I find myself retreating into myself when confronted with any type of confrontation. I try to fix things.

Hubby came home from picking up our cannabis and AllGreens, and let me tell you what, they gave him 5 dab spoons, and it made his day.  Normally I pick our medicine because I’m the face of this shit show, and I’ve got several merch giveaways.  I get it, and I’m very thankful for all the things I have collected through the years.

I ran across a new version of the Reefer Madness movie today, and I started watching it.  I watched the first 10 minutes or so when I had to turn it off.  The claims of a gateway drug make you act insane, and it kills users by overdose.  I disagree with these statements.  I then went to youtube and saw an interview with Candice Owens, where she explained her view on cannabis.  She doesn’t believe in allowing kids to use cannabis because it stunts their brains; cannabis can be an addiction, causing “brutal long-term effects.

I paid $285.00 for this order with a $50.00 discount, which will normally last us about 2 weeks.

I am starting a new channel called “Let’s Talk About It,”  where we will tackle some laws in the cannabis industry, cannabis, mental health, and healing 2022.  So sit back with your Bud, and let’s go.




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