Grape Dream Weed Review from Nature’s Medicine by Nicola

Grape Dream Weed Review from Nature’s Medicine by Nicola

grape dream Grape Dream Shatter is a 70/30 Indica hybrid with a 25% THC Level.  She’s bred from Grand Daddy Purp and Blue Dream, and this strain is from Nature’s Medicine.  We’ve been using Nature’s Medicine for a couple of years here and there, and we recently noticed the packaging and how they put some of the strains in a plastic sheet. When you try to get it off the plastic, you end up losing part of the product because it sticks to the plastic.  They were awesome. They listened and replied to me professionally when I sent them the video.  They were very professional and apologetic.  They didn’t do the blame game, and I appreciate that more than you know.  In today’s business world, most respond to their consumers by offering nothing but excuses.  Thank you, Nature’s Medicine, for the great products,  professionalism, and care for others. You are amazing, and I would love to do an educational collaboration sometime.  This gram of Grape Shatter is very stable, not sticky, and not crumbly. I call this a snap-in pull. However very manageable, it’s mostly clear with a bit of powder or crumble in a small portion in this gram.

To medicinally treat Chronic pain, depression, fatigue, insomnia, nausea, stress, depression, and anxiety. The effects of Grape Dream Body High, Cerebral, relaxing, and sleepy. I found it funny that her sister’s strain is purple dream simply because I’ve had that strain, and it had very similar effects, and the taste was terrific.  Grape Dream and Purple Dream allow patients the chance to taste colors.  Grape Dream effects are surreal and dreamy, with the uplifting happy boosts to your sunny disposition launching you into a slightly sedative, hazy dream.  Overall, this strain’s taste and looks are excellent.  I’m thrilled to see that you guys have gotten into terpenes. The terpenes in this shatter gave it a fuller and sweeter taste.  I appreciate you guys.

grape dreamWhen I’m doing a video review, I fill out this journal that puts all the information in one place.  I get all of my information from credible sources on the internet, books I read, testing I’ve done, or what the dispensary does. I try to double-check every source to bring you the most accurate description. The tasting journal that I used on the show was given to me by another advocate. The company he worked for made them. I have added a printable page on my website if you are interested.  I’m also thinking about having a tasting journal book made for purchase. Please comment if that’s something you would be interested in?

grape dream I saddly broke my banger a couple of weeks ago, and we’ve been using this dab straw because I keep forgetting to order a new one.  The dab straw has been filled with wax, and we’ll spend the weekend cleaning to have a good clean dab for tasting next week.  What do you guys use for dabbing? Do you like it? Is there something you want us to check out? If yes, please write it in the comments below.  We are always looking for new vlog ideas every day.  I look for rocks everywhere we go, and when I was out last, I found this beautiful one-of-a-kind rock that has inspired me to get a rock polisher and start the jewelry business I’ve thought about for the last year.  To be honest, I also want a metal detector.  When I get manic, my OCD also becomes heightened, but I feel it’s me trying to rebalance.  Working on time-consuming, detail-oriented projects, I can get into my head music, a podcast, or a good lecture, and as I push to keep my schedule with little interruption, the closer I get to level.  When I was younger, however, I would crawl into bed and not get out until I felt better, and I believe it took 3 to 4 times longer to recover from the same episodes.  So, I encourage anyone who may have a hard time or has manic issues to find something, even if it’s coloring or whatever, and try some self-soothing exercises, because it’s up to us to be happy. No one can be happy for us.


Allgreen’s Dispensary $200 weed Haul with Nicola Dickens #Freetheleaf

Allgreen’s Dispensary $200 weed Haul with Nicola Dickens #Freetheleaf

allgreens weed haulWe’ve been staying at an RV Resort in Sun City and let me tell you if they had a grocery store I would have no need to leave the park ever. This place is insane they have a full library with computers, a woodshop, a jewelry shop so you can make jewelry, and ceramics, a heated pool open all night, laundry open all night with large washers, church, music, and concerts during the evening, and so much more. I will be going back when I’m feeling better because I didn’t get the chance to roam free.

Weed Strains 1. Pineapple Express 2. Princess Butter Haze 3. Blue OG 4. Critical Mass Flower 5. Gorilla Glue 6. Wookies OG 7. Berry Banana 8. Grape Gelato 9. Cheese Skittles 10. G-13 11. Lemon Jack 12. Jack Herer

A short story I recently had a kidney infection that sent me to the emergency room and one of the first questions the nurse asked me was about my allergies and I told her, she asked me if I had been vaccinated and I said no, her reply did you want it and again I said NO. The nurse gave me a horrible look of disapproval like I was lying and said check my records I can’t take the flu or pneumonia shot either because of a preservative they use and I’ll be damned if the nurse didn’t ask how allergic I was and my reply was how allergic do I need to be? I’m sorry but this insanity needs to end the medical field is essentially here for us, to heal us or help us pass with dignity and everything in between. So Medical professionals and administrations DO BETTER!!


Natures Medicine 25 grams of concentrate sale with Nicola

Natures Medicine 25 grams of concentrate sale with Nicola

25 gram weed haulAs I look through Leafly and the net I found this deal. 5 grams for $50. So, with inflation and gas prices not slowing down I went nuts and bought 25 grams of cannabis for $250 that’s $10 a gram. And stocked up for a bit. After tasting these I’m happy I did they are playing with terpenes and they taste amazing so thank you Natures Medicine in Glendale.




2 Kush and OG Shatter
Cindy’s Gift
Apples and Bananas
2 Sleep Paralysis
Orange Roll
Black Cherry
Apple Mango
Black Cherry Apple
Chocolate Thai
Mad Melons
2 RaspberryRuntz
2 Grape Dream
Sour Apple Mango
Bubble Yum Shatter
2 Banana Gelato
2 Peach Colada
Purple Runtz
Sour Runts
Guava Cheese

24 grams weed haul




Acapulco Gold Strain Review from Allgreens Dispensary with Nicola Dickens

Acapulco Gold Strain Review from Allgreens Dispensary with Nicola Dickens

Acapulco Gold Strain is an 80/20 Sativa Hybrid with an average THC level of 19-25%. This strain originated in Acapulco, but that is all known about her lineage. This strain I picked up from Allgreens Dispensary in Sun City, Arizona. She has a sweet, earthy, spicy, and woody taste. Her high is creative, cerebral, and stimulating. With this being a Sativa, I know I’m going to cough, boost focused creativity, and a powerful head high with a soothing body high that can help you finish those projects lasting a couple of hours. Allgreens Dispensary calls this crumble, and to me, it looks more like a sugar wax that is on the dryer side, and I’ve seen c sugar wax that they call crumble, so whichever you consider it. I’ve noticed that the citrus strains are almost always a Sativa hybrid.

Acapulco Golds’ effects are aroused, cerebral, creative, energizing, euphoric, and happy. Medicinally to help treat arthritis, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, migraines, nausea, PTSD, stress, anxiety, and appetite suppressant. Acapulco is a favorite for my hubby, among the strains I’ve reviewed. He says the effects are lasting while tapering the high down. Acapulco is super famous in the US even with her difficulty growing. One of the hardest parts about smoking with this bong is the strait neck, AAAAAWWWEEEE. Bent necks, in my opinion, are easier to smoke from, especially when your dabbing and already have to use both of your hands.

I’m currently updating the Website at and publishing new weed reviews, Manic Monday, Terrible Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, throwback Thursday, and Fun Fridays. I’m not sure if I’m going to add Saturdays and Sundays to the projects I already have, and the daily theme is only the beginning. Were going to spend some time working on ourselves, respecting those around us, learning to be the person we can be proud of, and respecting the relationships in our lives.

***Trigger Warning***

About a year in a half ago, I lost the drive I once had for this channel, and no matter what happened, I just didn’t have the drive to do the things I love doing. It was just before my bladder surgery, and I just couldn’t find the strength to keep going. I was sick all the time and ended up in the hospital about every three weeks for about five days, and this was draining. I was tired all the time but couldn’t sleep unless I took something, and even then, sometimes, it didn’t help. The depression and anxiety caused my bipolar to wig out, and I lost my shit (suicide ideation)a few times. With everything going on and in the mix of Covid, we had a business that didn’t come to fruition, we sold our house, and we started living in our 5th wheel, which was more a blessing than a curse at times. And now that I’m through the surgery and mostly healed, I can see where I strayed. It was at that moment my hubby, and I started reacting to one another, not responding. In the moment of doubt, I thought and made vocal that our situation was his fault and not something we needed to solve together. If I don’t open my mouth and say what I think at the time, I still hold some responsibility, and I’m the one responsible for my own happiness, not someone else’s responsibility.


Pineapple Express Sugar Wax From All Greens in Sun City

Pineapple Express Sugar Wax From All Greens in Sun City

pineapple expressPineapple express is an old love of ours. A real get-up-and-go strain without the jittery side effects that suck so much. Pineapple Express is a 60/40 Sativa dominate strain, and this strain is from All Greens in Sun City, Arizona. She has about a 25% THC level. This is Budder looks like chocolate chip cookie dough without the chocolate chips, and in this case. She was named after the movie Pineapple Express with Seth Rogan. If only her effects were as pronounced as the movie strain, but either way, she is definitely a morning strain to be reckoned with. Not only does she help clean the sleepy out of your eyes, but she will put you in a good mood no matter the time. She tastes like a tropical pledge for your morning attitude, wiping away the daytime grumpies.

Her effects are energizing, euphoria, focus, creativity, and giggly. Medicinally to treat Chronic Pain, depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, migraines, headaches, nausea, and nightmares. Most of my nightmares happen while I am awake; my dreams only reiterate what has happened to me. I see social media these days, and I’m genuinely grateful my kids are grown. The world seems backward these days like the demons are running unchecked and enjoying themselves while those that are just trying to survive are tracked down and accused of racism, stupidity, and fuckery while being silenced and suppressed, but what I don’t understand is how any rational person can’t see this. Don’t come for me politically because I’m only going to say this once. I liked Trump. He was an asshole, long-winded, loved twitter a bit much, even for me, had a voice that could cut glass and an attitude that made people want to hate him at times but wouldn’t be messed with. Every country out there has respect for Trump, but that’s not what we love. He was a businessman that put our country first, and I’m done with politicians, so maybe we should rethink our approach. Maybe Trump’s not the best candidate, but he’s the best candidate right now for this world. Perhaps Orange Man can help us fix this world for your children and their children…But I digress.

Pineapple Express

Allgreens calls this sugar wax, I call it more crumble, but either way, she tastes great. What do you guys think about crumble sugar wax?

It has been crazy windy the last couple of days, and living full time in a tin can, you can hear every bit of wind out there along with animals, vehicles, including trains (not fun), and people. There are a lot of different methods of processing and end results when processed. Her high starts in the back of my throat and forehead. Almost like swelling but in a good way and then blanketing your body in a euphoria that will have you up and going for a bit. I’ve started to follow the first dab with a second as I did in this video, and I was so high I couldn’t open my eyes. It really is quite funny to watch. I look like I’m trying to keep them open, and it’s difficult.

Overall, the product is good. The packaging is appropriate, has beautiful colors, and is easier to store. The location on Bell even has a drive-through, so I don’t even have to get out of my truck to shop, and it is a pretty unique dispensary, so if you are ever in the area, check them out and let them no Nicola Dickens referred you.



Banana Pie Weed Review from Allgreens with Nicola Dickens

Banana Pie Weed Review from Allgreens with Nicola Dickens

Banana Pie strain is a 60/40 indica hybrid with a THC level of about 18-25% on average and 1% CBN.  Banana Pie was bred from OG Kush and Skunk Haze,, and this is from Allgreens Dispensary in Glendale,, Arizona.  Allgreens was the first Dispensary in Arizona with a drive-through, makingngs a little better on a long day.  Her taste is a sweet, tropical, woody, and fruity blend of yumminess with a sweet berry aftertaste.  She has a thick chocolate chip cookie batter without the chocolate chips.  Banana Pie is said to be one of the tastiest strains in the California Cannabis Industrie,, making her a little hard to find at times.  Prescribed for insomnia, nightmares, and Stress because of her sedative qualities.

Medicinally to treat conditions like Bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, headaches, migraines, insomnia, PMS, PTSD, and Stress. Her most common effects are body high, creativity, euphoria, happiness, relaxation, and sleepiness. This strain helps me with my headaches but not migraines.  I can feel her start to hit around the eyes, temple, and forehead.  I find heavy indicas help with my migraines,, and even hybrids help with my headaches because they are very different ailments.  I do however use this strain for my anxiety.  I have suffered with anxiety and depression since I was a child going through hell.  I never found big pharma to be particularly helpful because the medications just made me sleepy and lethargic.  Cannabis on the other hand I have had great success with, I still have my issues but I can now find a creative way to work through my demons.  I have sharpened my writing skills, I created this site as an outlet, I’m starting journals and books to curb some of the fears I have daily and to learn how to like myself and be a little less fearful when I wake up from nightmare.  That being said I will be adding mental health activities to my youtube channel, maybe together we can make that positive change in ourselves.  So sit back and relax because here we go!

When I opened this container for the first time it seemed a bit off so let weigh it.  The concentrate was light it appears that this is only a half gram.  I don’t run into this very often but on occasion one slips by.  This is the first time this year that I had this happen and maybe 3 times last year and all from different locations so I just notate and move on.   If it were to have happened at the same location or brand I would worry but that’s simply not the case.  Allgreens I can honestly say thank you for the amazing concentrates and the beautiful location if you haven’t made it by to check them out yall are missing out.

banana pie

The last couple of days have been difficult I’ve been hurting like crazy but I’ve gone o a couple rides in the side by side and you can only go so slow without needing that need for speed and fun so my hurtig is all my fault this time saddly.  I’ve been making slight changes in my schedule to try to find the time to get everything done throughout the day so bare with me.

If yall are looking for something specific please comment below.  I hope each and everyone of you have a beautiful day and I’ll see yall soon!


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