Banana Pie Weed Review from Allgreens with Nicola Dickens

Banana Pie Weed Review from Allgreens with Nicola Dickens

Banana Pie strain is a 60/40 indica hybrid with a THC level of about 18-25% on average and 1% CBN.  Banana Pie was bred from OG Kush and Skunk Haze,, and this is from Allgreens Dispensary in Glendale,, Arizona.  Allgreens was the first Dispensary in Arizona with a drive-through, makingngs a little better on a long day.  Her taste is a sweet, tropical, woody, and fruity blend of yumminess with a sweet berry aftertaste.  She has a thick chocolate chip cookie batter without the chocolate chips.  Banana Pie is said to be one of the tastiest strains in the California Cannabis Industrie,, making her a little hard to find at times.  Prescribed for insomnia, nightmares, and Stress because of her sedative qualities.

Medicinally to treat conditions like Bipolar disorder, chronic pain, depression, headaches, migraines, insomnia, PMS, PTSD, and Stress. Her most common effects are body high, creativity, euphoria, happiness, relaxation, and sleepiness. This strain helps me with my headaches but not migraines.  I can feel her start to hit around the eyes, temple, and forehead.  I find heavy indicas help with my migraines,, and even hybrids help with my headaches because they are very different ailments.  I do however use this strain for my anxiety.  I have suffered with anxiety and depression since I was a child going through hell.  I never found big pharma to be particularly helpful because the medications just made me sleepy and lethargic.  Cannabis on the other hand I have had great success with, I still have my issues but I can now find a creative way to work through my demons.  I have sharpened my writing skills, I created this site as an outlet, I’m starting journals and books to curb some of the fears I have daily and to learn how to like myself and be a little less fearful when I wake up from nightmare.  That being said I will be adding mental health activities to my youtube channel, maybe together we can make that positive change in ourselves.  So sit back and relax because here we go!

When I opened this container for the first time it seemed a bit off so let weigh it.  The concentrate was light it appears that this is only a half gram.  I don’t run into this very often but on occasion one slips by.  This is the first time this year that I had this happen and maybe 3 times last year and all from different locations so I just notate and move on.   If it were to have happened at the same location or brand I would worry but that’s simply not the case.  Allgreens I can honestly say thank you for the amazing concentrates and the beautiful location if you haven’t made it by to check them out yall are missing out.

banana pie

The last couple of days have been difficult I’ve been hurting like crazy but I’ve gone o a couple rides in the side by side and you can only go so slow without needing that need for speed and fun so my hurtig is all my fault this time saddly.  I’ve been making slight changes in my schedule to try to find the time to get everything done throughout the day so bare with me.

If yall are looking for something specific please comment below.  I hope each and everyone of you have a beautiful day and I’ll see yall soon!


$260 Weed Haul From @NaturesMedicine by Free My Cure and Nicola Dickens

$260 Weed Haul From @NaturesMedicine by Free My Cure and Nicola Dickens

Nature’s Medicine Weed Haul from Natures Medicine in Glendale, Arizona 6840 Grand Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301.

Kush OG Shatter                                    2 Caramel Apple Shatter
Fruit Platter Shatter                                2 Miss Cake Shatter
2 Ambrosia Shatter                                 Sour Melon Shatter
Rasberry Runtz Shatter                           Cotton Candy Grape Budder
Sweet Peach Shatter

There are several unstable shatters in this haul that aren’t the stablest of shatters, and they were all put on plastic sheets, and this is a pet peeve of mine. Packaging is just as crucial to the product as the product, what, packaging, and the product are the same…  Yes. The correct packaging means I can get to and use all of the products in the packaging. If the incorrect packaging is used, I feel like I am throwing money away since I can’t get to and use all of the product, and in this financial climate and having to take loans out to pay for fuel, I need to save as much as possible. Speaking of money, this haul before discounts was $260. and after the discounts, I paid a total of 145, including taxes. And as an FYI, do we need all of the crap on the receipts, or can we simplify it a bit? If not, I get it, but I had to ask.

As I’m going through these shatters, I see a commonality with them being unstable. There are several reasons that shatters don’t process stability humidity, dry, hot if live, unclean processing, and too many additives for thinning, over-processing, didn’t process enough, etc. Not all of these reasons mean they are bad, but they can mean they aren’t great. I know can I be more confusing?   If you want to know for sure how good your cannabis is, test it, but these issues don’t mean the cannabis has a high carcinogen count, but it can. Everything that burns has a carcinogen level, and testing carcinogens is basically what the parts per million are after growing and processing. Here in Arizona, we don’t mandate carcinogen testing, so most don’t test for it. You don’t want your cannabis to have more than 10,000 parts per million when looking at carcinogens. After adding the zero, my first grow had a carcinogen level of 40 or 400. My mentor was at 20 or 200 with the zero. We are organic specialty breeds with no bottled ingredients.

Over the past few days, I will be sitting in the trailer, and I will hear two voices, male and female, but when I look through every window I have, I can’t seem to find them. Well, I decided to walk around the trailer into the desert a little way, and I found what looks like a makeshift camp with a campfire ring, pillow, some food wrappers, and a potty area, and it’s less than 30 feet from my trailer. This kinda freaked me out, so I took pictures, and I made sure everything was thrown away so if they come back, they know I see them. That would put a stop to it.

It’s great being back, and I’m sorry for the time I was away, but I have lots of new ideas for new content. I’m still looking for anyone that would like to collab, so if you are interested, please feel free to email me at It’s been a rough two years, but I look forward to seeing you guys again!! Mad Love Nicola Dickens


Free My Cure RSO Video Vlog 24 with Nicola Dickens

Free My Cure RSO Video Vlog 24 with Nicola Dickens

Welcome to my RSO Video Vlog Webisode 23. My name is Nicola Dickens, and I am a 4 x cancer patient. I have given up on conventional treatments, and now I’m happy, feel better, have more energy,  and have a  life again. In this journey, I’m asking all of you to share, comment, subscribe, and help me, help other patients that need help. Cancer is a challenging journey for anyone, let alone four different journeys for the same person, and up until about three years ago or so, I thought it was going to be a much shorter journey.

Today is day number 22, and I have taken 37.5 grams of RSO to date. I was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer. When the Doctors said I was going to die, all I thought was “Wanna Bet,” and now I’m going to prove them wrong. As my days are getting back to normal and I’m getting more energy, I will be adding an exercise program to help build strength. This video diary is to help any other patient that needs relief from pain, nausea, depression, and anxiety. Please share.

Today was a good day. I was a little late on my video vlog update because I slept in. It was a good night; I had a hard time shutting my brain off for bed, but once I fell asleep, I slept a total of 7 hours. I woke up fully rested, with no grogginess!!! Fully rested, I started my day at 7 am going into this morning’s Vlog and immediately posted to the website. I feel like a new person this morning. I can’t explain how much better I feel, but I can say that people see the improvements in me daily. I feel the strength slowly returning, and I feel “Me,” the real “Me” that I haven’t felt in so long, the creative, happy, funny, and energetic “Me.”

I will be putting together live videos for Youtube and Facebook every couple of days and every week. I will be logging my results here on my website as we are updated with them. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at  Have a Blessed Day!!

Berry Banana Budder Weed Review From @AllGreens With Nicola Dickens

Berry Banana Budder Weed Review From @AllGreens With Nicola Dickens

Berry Banana Budder is a 70/30 Indica Hybrid containing 22-26 percent THC level. Berry banana Budder is bred by strawberry bubble gum and Croct’s Banana Kush, and her flavor is excellent, but when they add terpenes to this strain, it is to die for. Her primary flavors are sweet, fruity, tropical, and earthy. This is a budder, and you can tell by how she looks. It’s like chocolate chip cookie batter without the chocolate chips.

Berry Banana’s high starts as a mild head budge and then slowly builds into an intense euphoric and uplifted high. Leaving you relaxed and focused, accompanied by a full-body relief and warm body relief. I have been in a little more pain than usual, and this strain did help take the edge off, but I still had to take Tylenol for relief from some of the pain as well.

Effects:  euphoric, happy, relaxing, and sleepy. Medicinal:  arthritis, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, PTSD, stress.

I did my first YouTube video in the past year, crazy right, and I kind of remembered my intro, but I still messed it up, and it sounds funny now that all my teeth are gone, and I have a lisp. Not to mention I haven’t done a review in almost a year. Over the next month in half, I will be publishing my story, my cannabis story, building a video studio, cannabis review, and cannabis hauls. It will be fun.

It has been two years since Covid hit and it has remained shrouded in mystery. Where did it come from? Was it engineered? When is this shit going to end? And how many lives do they have to ruin to test a vaccine that doesn’t protect you? These are all points I look at every day in my quest to find out why. I had a cousin pass away in February 2022. She wasn’t that much older than me, maybe 6 or 7 years, and she’s gone. She did have past medical issues with cancer, and she’s gone because of Covid.

March 2, 2021, I had bladder Augmentation, and I was praying for death, but my dr told me no masks for one month before the surgery. The masks trap germs and bacteria, so every time you inhale, you’re inhaling all that crap along with restricting your airflow.

berry bananna budderMy heart goes out to the people of Ukraine. I’m praying for you guys to find peace without bloodshed. Hang in there. I appreciate you!! Mad Love Nicola


$350 Weed Haul From All Greens With Nicola Dickens

$350 Weed Haul From All Greens With Nicola Dickens


This is a weed haul from All Greens at 10032 West Bell Road, Sun City, Arizona 85351. This is the first time I’ve been in this dispensary. However, I have tasted their products, and the taste is excellent. The packaging is simple but beautiful. They know how to put the products into appropriate packaging, not sugar wax in cellophane sheets where you lose part of the product into the packaging.   As an FYI, I use the inner silicone piece to make my RSO disks that I take for cancer, pain, or mental instabilities. For that, I thank you.

This dispensary is the first drive-through cannabis dispensary in Arizona. It’s an old bank that they converted about five years ago. When you walk through the door, you are greeted with a large open area that they’ve enclosed behind a small reception area in maybe a 1-inch clear plexiglass cage. I didn’t go beyond that point because my appointment for recertification is Thursday. However, the concentrate was put together beautifully from what I could see.

Attached to the dispensary, in its own office, is the medical marijuana Dr certification clinic that on its own has a very large waiting area. They do still require masks in both the dispensary and clinic, but it’s pretty painless, I promise.    The budtenders were knowledgeable and friendly. They can even charge your debit card instead of having to pull money out of the ATM and having to pay extra fees. I’m all about that savings. However, they don’t have set deals like first-time patients or birthday rolls, so I had to check the monthly specials, and from what I’ve seen, they aren’t too bad.

My heart goes out to the Uranian People. You’re in our thoughts and prayers. I hate to see people suffering.

All Greens Weed Haul 2

Concentrate                                                                                       Flower

Marshmallow Budder                                                                     Blueberry Zkittles Popcorn Flower
blue cheese sugar wax                                                                   God Bud Flower
Berry Banana Budder
Mango Banana Crumble
Sweet Lavender Crumble
Banana Pie Budder
Jack Herer Crumble
Acapulco Gold Sugar Wax
Lemon Jack Shatter
Ayahuasca Budder
Bubbaloo Crumble
Pineapple Express Sugar Wax
Bana Mimosa Shatter
Jack Herer Sugar Wax
Blue OG Sugar Wax


Free My Cure RSO Video Diary 11   ***Re-Published***

Free My Cure RSO Video Diary 11 ***Re-Published***

This is 100 grams of Rick Simpson oil made from Gorilla Bomb. Gorilla Bomb is a hybrid between Gorilla Glue #4 and THC Bomb, both hybrid India’s. This is Gorilla Bomb’s maiden voyage for Rick Simpson Oil in the United States to date, so that we will be learning together with this strain. My days are slowly getting better, which makes me happy hopefully sleep, and I will be good bedfellows this evening. I did my RSO about an hour earlier than usual, hoping it would help me sleep. I understand now that this is normal and not to worry, so I’ll let you know when it subsides.

Looking back on these RSO Video Diaries, I can’t believe how easy this was and how sad it’s made me. I’ve had cancer four times now, and I did chemo, radiation, surgeries, and a shit ton of other treatments for cervical, uterine, and endometrial cancer that by the time I had bladder cancer, I was done with the treatments and accepted what was to come.  Yes, I actually accepted the death sentence I was given until I found a book “Running From The Cure” by Rick Simpson.  In this book, I learned about RSO and its uses.  Now Rick Simpson Oil can heal the body, mind, and soul from a lot of things. I don’t believe we truly know ALL the benefits of cannabis, but it’s worth a try.  What did I have to lose? What do you have to lose?   I did 100 grams of Rick Simson Oil in 33 days, and today, I still have some issues, and I still had to have my bladder removed, but I feel 10X better, and I’m cancer-free.  So I challenge you to try it not just for cancer but anxieties, depression, pain, eating disorders, creativity booster, argument settler, sleep disorders, some bipolar symptoms, and most of my crazy spells.  With the added benefit that I can’t OverDose on it, which means on my bad days, if I need a little more RSO Oil to help get me through my day, I can, and it’s safe.  Big Pharma has ruled for far too long, and they are creating customers because there is no profit in healing people. Live Free, Fly High, and FUCK CANCER!!

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