California Hash Plant

California Hash Plant

Today’s review is on California Hash Plant or CHP.  I’m doing this review backward normally I would read the review of the flower and see how accurate their descriptions are, however, I’m doing this review as a favor because the caregiver’s patient complained it did nothing for him.

To be fair I’m smoking CHP dated from the same batch as the medication given to the patient to give us an accurate review of the medication in question.  Looking up close the auburn hairs and the golds and yellows are right on the money, I’m not seeing any foreign debris on the surface.  The smell is rich and bold of sweet earthy pine.  The taste was a sweet spice, a large hit of this would definitely hurt your throat it did mine so if you have throat sensitivities beware.  If you were going to cook with CHP I would recommend using CHP in an enchilada sauce or a sauce that has a bit of a spice to it they would blend nicely.

Now for the effects, I took my first drag 20 minutes ago, and at that time I was at a 9 in pain scale (I have been in a body crash for a week now), I was shaky, nauseated, and vomiting.  Now I am at a pain level of 5 (manageable), I stopped vomiting, the shaking improved 80%.

On a side note, I have never done a review with the cultivator right outside the room, it’s quite funny I can hear how nervous he is.  He’s pacing and every now and then I hear him ask my partner how long these reviews take it’s pretty funny I might wait an extra 5 minutes before going out there just to let him sweat a bit, lol.

As for my sunny disposition, CHP had a mild cerebral euphoria, I could feel this strain start with a little sinus pressure, and if you aren’t looking for it you won’t notice if you are a heavy smoker, it’s a weird Indica hybrid that doesn’t put you in the couch, you can sleep with it but again very mild.  I felt this strain in my body I started to feel muscles start to relax, spasms slow down, and the pain in my body relaxed, however, it did nothing for my headache.

When trying new strains keep a couple of things in mind if you are a heavy smoker (flower), if you do dabbing regularly, if you’ve recently done a course of RSO oil, or if you eat edibles on a regular basis strains that have high CBD and low THC will not give you a lot of head euphoria unless you smoke a lot.  When I do a review on someone’s weed I require a 1/8 of the product, the reason for this is because I am a heavy smoker, I use RSO oil on a daily basis so before my written reviews are done I will have smoked 3 to 4 bowls because I have such a high tolerance.  For all my heavy smokers please keep this in mind when choosing your flower.